Wednesday, September 26, 2018

As Of Late

Since the kids and I have been back from vacation I've been quite busy with the house. I've gotten all the boxes unpacked (except one, I'm waiting for Lance to put shelving in the closet so I can put away games) decorations up, and slowly working on putting together the guest room. School is back in so that means new routines.

I've also been working outside trimming up several trees and bushes and cleaning out some flower beds. The landscaping in the front is SO overgrown that you cannot see our house from the road. Now that the trees are trimmed you can sort of see the house, through little patches. I'm waiting for fall to come and the plants to go dormant before I can prune and clean out the rest of the flower beds but it'll be a HUGE job to get it done.

I don't have a calling yet but I've been asked a few times to play the piano in relief society. It's been nice to need to practice every week and brush up a bit. I'm still quite anxious for Ezra to be in nursery because I don't get to hear much of any lesson, we're in the hall for the last two hours. Often times Lance has to leave sacrament meeting due to calls so it's just the kids and I and I'm out in the hall with Ezra during sacrament meeting. It's so easy to ask myself, "Why do I even come? What is the point?" But I know I'm teaching my children and although I don't get much out of Sunday school or relief society because I can't hear the lessons, I'm still in the building feeling the spirit and meeting new people. And most importantly, I'm still taking the sacrament to renew my covenants. This will be worth it and I come to church to renew my soul for the week - how I need that strength!

Lance is the new executive secretary for the bishopric and has been enjoying that. He gets new customers every month for work and just recently is the exclusive transport person for Stevens County, that's a big one. He's also going to buy a refrigeration unit and place it in a a funeral home in Post Falls, ID, there's a big need for that due to pending permits from the state to cross state lines. Donna and John had quite the 40 days in the hospital with some major scares with John's heart attacks. He's finally home and we still pray for them daily. Lots of prayers and fasting on John's behalf and the Lord, again, answered our prayers with tender mercies.

Next month Mom and Christine and her kids are coming to visit us for a week! I'm so excited!!!!!!!

The Miracles Continue

This girl is one of miracles. She fell asleep sitting up while reading If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and it was just so sweet. I really wanted to capture this whole day.

She had her evaluation for her IEP to see if she'd qualify for special ed preschool. We were supposed to be there for 2 hours but Cora was extremely shy and wouldn't look at anybody no less cooperate with testing and play their "games." It finally dawned on me that food is a big motivator for her so one of the therapists gave her an M&M for every question that she answered. She didn't do it happily, she didn't look them in the eye, she wouldn't sit at the table, but at least she answered the question. Progress. We took a break and she found a huge bean bag to play on which brought out some smiles and she slowly started talking to some of the therapists. Our appointment lasted an additional 1.5 hours because she finally opened up towards the end.

The results? She's too advanced to qualify for special ed preschool!! I was shocked that she didn't qualify in any area, not even speech.........what???

I cried the ugly cry all day long. It has been 5 years of fighting and playing catch up and lots and LOTS of hard work. My goal for her from the very beginning was that she'd catch up to her peers by the time she hit kindergarten. WE DID IT!!!!!!!! We got the green light that she wouldn't need an IEP for kindergarten next year, she can register like all the other normal kids. I have been with her every step of the way being her biggest cheerleader and supporter. We've had a lot of set backs and a lot of goals met along the way of this journey but we made it!

Having said that, I'm a little bit sad because I still want to keep her engaged and challenged so I've decided to continue with private speech and to enroll her in a dance class as a sort of substitute for physical therapy. The academic stuff I will do at home. I'm also excited because this is her last year at home with me and we get to be together more!

Every time I see miracles like this I'm so humbled by the Lord's sweet, tender mercies. The Lord has helped me to help her. He's guided and inspired me beyond my normal capacity and in ways that are abnormal. I'm so truly grateful and so honored to be this little darling's mother. She has blessed me so!

Ready For Church

Pig Out in the Park

I wanted to do one last fun thing with the kids before school started and brought all the summer fun to a close, so we all ventured to Pig Out in the Park to support Lance singing. He's now the main barbershop director and I've heard from a few of the men that they really like and prefer Lance directing them, they're actually having fun. This was the best performance I've heard the chorus do, they sounded really really great! Lance's quartet also performed and they have gigs that they sing at all the time but I forget what they are. It seems to be every other week though.

We went to the big red wagon slide, fed the garbage eating goat, enjoyed bacon wrapped hot dogs with strawberry lemonade, had Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and rode the carousel a few times.

The first time on the carousel I rode on the bench with Cora and Ezra. But the second time, I forced Cora to face her fears and hoisted her up onto a horse. She kicked and screamed (I stood by her during the ride) but once the ride got going she was all smiles and wanted to go again. I'm glad I can sometimes forcefully persuade her to do things that she thinks are hard. It boosts her confidence and courage.

Love This Squish!

Annual School Date

In preparation for school Kimball needed a haircut and I decided to take him to a salon this time. I watched how she blended the sides so hopefully I can do it myself next time. Then we bought school supplies and headed for some ice cream!

 First day of first grade with Mrs. Shulkin. I sure love this kid!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The State of the Family

This was read at the Watson reunion by Barry and I wanted to remember it, luckily they gave me a copy. This was written by Grandpa to his children.

The Family Touch, November 1980

"The State of the Family"

We are happy to report that all the family is in their own house. Julie and Kerry are temporarily renting, hopefully for a short time before they can close their deal. Everyone is working at good jobs and moving up. Craig has taken his 6 months interview and is on steady with Idaho Power and got a raise to boot. We are proud of everyone and feel all of us are really blessed with all of our good fortune.

Now that we are all settled there are a few things we should all consider and implement into our family planning.

1. Stay away from unnecessary debt. Debt places great stress on a marriage. Statistics reveals one of the greatest causes of divorce in American today is debt. Learn to live on what your husband earns. We all realize that we all can't be equal in luxuries to, maybe, our parents or even other brothers or sisters. Make the best of what you have and above all don't nag or ever belittle your mate on his deficiencies in earning more money. Isn't it nice to know that none of the family 'wives' have to work. That's great!

2. Do the best you can to store up a year's supply of food, clothes, and fuel if you can. It isn't easy to accomplish in today's economy. But we can all be trying to put something away every month. We are also advised to save a little money - "to pay ourselves first."
3. Be sure above all things we try our best to keep our personal lives in order, to do our best to keep all of the commandments. If we can manage the little things the big ones will take care of themselves. Keep your journals, study and read the scriptures, have your family prayers and have your family home evenings. You all realize that if we are doing these things that our Heavenly Father has promised us certain blessings which we cannot do without.

May the Lord bless your homes! We pray for each of you every day, we hope you are doing the same for us.

Love, Dad and Mom 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Summer Vacation Part 3

The next trip was to Elba for the Lynn Pettingill reunion. He looked really good and just got back from a short vacation to Jackson Hole, so I'd say he's hanging in there! We did more four wheeling, horse back riding, swimming, water balloon fight, volleyball, family baseball, paint ball war, laser dance party, train rides, shooting, cupcake decorating, and crafts. It was SO MUCH FUN!!! My three favorite things were baseball, paint ball war (we used sling shots and Brad really got me good, I had about 8 black welts all over my legs), and the dance party. I'm certainly no dancer but I had a great time getting my groove on with the kids. I wish Lance could've been there! 

Kimball loved learning to shoot the BB gun and I taught him how to drive to Rzr, he really loved those and thought he was a pretty big kid.

Steph and Conrad invited us to go boating with them.....who can say no to that?! I was concerned that there would be too many kids on the boat and my own 3 would out-number me. But Stephanie helped me which was awesome and we didn't have any problems. Again, Sydnee and Kimball were little fish the whole time, they loved swimming in the river. I tried wake sledding for the first time and even Kimball had a go at it, he loved it! We also did some tubing which I was hoping Conrad would throw me off the tube (didn't happen), and I learned Kimball is an adrenaline junky like me with tubing; he loved the waves and bumps......that is until one wave flipped him into the air and he landed on Stephanie's lap with his face right on her knee. So he got a bloody nose. But he said it was worth it and I'd definitely agree. :)

 And after 5 weeks away from Lance, we are so thankful to be home!!!!!!!!! Now the real fun begins decorating the house, my favorite!

Summer Vacation Part 2

After the Cox reunion we stayed at a little bed and breakfast house that had this cutest little stream behind the house. We had a great time playing in it before the next trip camping which was at the Yankee Fork near Challis with all the Pettingill's.

My phone was dead so the only pictures I got were these that Tim took. We toured the old gold dredge, visited the ghost town of Custer, ID, went fishing, swimming, four wheeling, etc. It was a really pretty area!

More time was spent at Mom's letting the kids play in water, at Trish's house having a slip n slide party, at KoLei's house swimming in their pool, and uptown with mom shopping for new decor for the house.

 I was able to go to Brittany Hymas' wedding reception!!
 You can't go home without wresting with Grandpa.