Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Summer Vacation Part 3

The next trip was to Elba for the Lynn Pettingill reunion. He looked really good and just got back from a short vacation to Jackson Hole, so I'd say he's hanging in there! We did more four wheeling, horse back riding, swimming, water balloon fight, volleyball, family baseball, paint ball war, laser dance party, train rides, shooting, cupcake decorating, and crafts. It was SO MUCH FUN!!! My three favorite things were baseball, paint ball war (we used sling shots and Brad really got me good, I had about 8 black welts all over my legs), and the dance party. I'm certainly no dancer but I had a great time getting my groove on with the kids. I wish Lance could've been there! 

Kimball loved learning to shoot the BB gun and I taught him how to drive to Rzr, he really loved those and thought he was a pretty big kid.

Steph and Conrad invited us to go boating with them.....who can say no to that?! I was concerned that there would be too many kids on the boat and my own 3 would out-number me. But Stephanie helped me which was awesome and we didn't have any problems. Again, Sydnee and Kimball were little fish the whole time, they loved swimming in the river. I tried wake sledding for the first time and even Kimball had a go at it, he loved it! We also did some tubing which I was hoping Conrad would throw me off the tube (didn't happen), and I learned Kimball is an adrenaline junky like me with tubing; he loved the waves and bumps......that is until one wave flipped him into the air and he landed on Stephanie's lap with his face right on her knee. So he got a bloody nose. But he said it was worth it and I'd definitely agree. :)

 And after 5 weeks away from Lance, we are so thankful to be home!!!!!!!!! Now the real fun begins decorating the house, my favorite!

Summer Vacation Part 2

After the Cox reunion we stayed at a little bed and breakfast house that had this cutest little stream behind the house. We had a great time playing in it before the next trip camping which was at the Yankee Fork near Challis with all the Pettingill's.

My phone was dead so the only pictures I got were these that Tim took. We toured the old gold dredge, visited the ghost town of Custer, ID, went fishing, swimming, four wheeling, etc. It was a really pretty area!

More time was spent at Mom's letting the kids play in water, at Trish's house having a slip n slide party, at KoLei's house swimming in their pool, and uptown with mom shopping for new decor for the house.

 I was able to go to Brittany Hymas' wedding reception!!
 You can't go home without wresting with Grandpa.