Monday, April 28, 2008

Thanks to those that check up on us regularly despite my inconsistent posting. Things are going well and opportunity seems to be all around us. It is beginning to get humid here in SC, which I have not been looking forward to (esp. roaches). We have a beautiful little pond in our complex and I like to walk along it and listen to my iPod. It even has an alligator in it.

I have been spending hours and hours for weeks putting up my first online store and it's finally complete! I sell software and books for webmasters, internet marketers, etc. However, there are book sections for anybody (recipes, cookbooks, health, home & garden, making money, etc.) For those of you that seem to be avid bloggers, most of the tools, graphics, templates, etc. can be used on blogs as well.

The site is

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


My parents came to SC and we did tons of sightseeing in Charleston and spent a day in Myrtle Beach, we had an absolute blast! We wore ourselves out but got a lot done in a week. Also, my dad got to spend a few days is North Carolina to do family history work. We took carriage tours, took a boat to Ft Sumter, toured the USS Yorktown, toured 18th century homes, and on and on.
Above are pictures from our trip to Myrtle Beach. Me and Becky with Elvis, Me with Elton John and my parents in their skivvy's.