Thursday, July 28, 2011

House Progress

The house is slowly coming along and we keep working on it a little bit here and there each night. The past few weeks we've been working on the porch which was enclosed and we've now taken out all the windows and window casings. It really opens things up and we can't wait to use it! Too bad we have no money for a patio set although I found a super cute black iron bistro set at Real Deals for $128. We just patched up the stucco tonight and will sometime need to paint but for now it's open and we've always wanted a large open porch.

I've also slowly been working on the flower beds. About 3 weeks ago I got the front all weeded with new perennials and the front flower boxes have flowers. Unfortunately nothing is doing too great. Between the hot sun and the bugs, I'm afraid they're dying. But I'm keeping them sprayed with bug stuff and soaking them on non-sprinkler days. The northwest side of the house I got 80% weeded with two new bushes planted and some flower seeds sewn. I'm sure it's too late in the year for the flowers to do much but they're planted nonetheless. I have big plans for my own little oasis out back by the kitchen window but that will have wait until next year at least. Landscaping costs a lot of money and I'm doing fine right now keeping everything weeded.

Now that we don't have company in the house I've started to finish unpacking again. For a while I had to shove all the non essentials and other boxes into the baby's room. Lance has been helping me getting things hung where I'd like so it's slowly getting there. Last weekend there was a huge yard sale down the road and I got an old child's school desk for $1 and a little three-legged side table for $5. I'm going to refinish these and use them as our nightstands.......I can't wait to get started, I really love refinishing furniture!

I know I need to post pictures of everything and I've been trying to keep before pictures just so appreciate the after. Pictures will come..........sometime.............

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quick Wit or Quick Disgust?

Trish and the kids came over yesterday to visit and so I could store a few things while they're in the process of moving. The kids roamed all over the house and raided my snack drawer loving the fruit snacks, fruit roll ups, granola bars, crackers, popsicles, and whatever else they could find.

Charity took one look at my full kitchen sink and promptly asked, "Becky is your dish washer broken or something?" It made me smile and think to myself, " No, that is the only appliance that is working properly at the moment. I was just too tired to clean up dinner last night."

My Favorite Response

Me: Lance, can you come here please?

Lance: Do I have to right now?

He made me laugh as I frantically wiped up the water from the washing machine that leaked all over. And yes, he did come right away.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pettingill Clan

All the Pettingill's minus Scott, Heidi, and Lance.

Just Us

and me at 21 weeks.

Scott & Jerusha Baker

Jerusha's wedding was practically perfect in every way! The weather was beautiful which made both outdoor receptions wonderful. Everything was just gorgeous and perfect and we are so excited to have Scott part of the Cox family.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Girls Night

We threw a tiny bachelorette/girls night for Josie, which was a little odd since the engagement isn't totally official yet. But we had fun anyway! This is the first pregnant picture of me, I'm 19 weeks here and this was taken over the July 4th weekend.

Halle Turns 5

Sally, Karen, and Christine came down for a few days which conveniently landed on Halle's birthday. Heather threw a water party for her which was a fun success although the kids were pretty sun burned. Here are a few snapshots:

Look close at Devin in this picture. See his gray boxer briefs? He got new swimming trunks which are a tad big. Big swimming trunks + water=more weight. What he couldn't tell was that his trunks were falling off so he ran around for a good 10 minutes like this before his mom cautioned him to pull them up.

Reupholstered Dining Chairs

First of all, thanks to Jerusha for giving us the dining table and chairs. The oak and green weren't really mixing all that well for me so while Lance was out of town I took a trip to Joanne's for fabric, and reupholstered the chairs. Much more cheerful and bright!



"New" Living Room End Tables

I got these two tables from Paul's estate before they were sold at auction. I forgot to get a before picture but here's the after, initially they were spray painted a metallic gold. I put a few coats of paint on them and then applied an antiquing glaze. I LOVE them and they go perfect in our new living room.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Little Guy

Yesterday we had our 20 week ultrasound. It's a boy and we are thrilled!