Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Eight Months - Time Sure Flies!

Kimball is eight months old today. It's so hard for me to picture him being a tiny, preemie baby with iv's and tubes of all sorts throughout his hands, mouth, and nose. His right hand is actually scarred from the IV. I remember the tiny bottles that only held two ounces that the hospital gave us we paid for and his itty, bitty preemie diapers that were too big for his scrawny bum.

I've been loving this stage lately, he's so incredibly playful and fun! He gets up on his knees and has taken a little crawl here and there but he's too content rolling around to get the hang of crawling. He loves to eat solid foods and downs them really fast. I swear he's been teething for the past three months and I can see the teeth through his gums but they haven't cut through yet. He's a social baby, he lights up and gets so thrilled when people talk and play with him he just has to wriggle his whole body. He's the happiest little guy I've ever seen, we just love him to pieces!!

Funny Guy

Kimball's most favorite game right now is rolling up in blankets and getting stuck. He'll play on the floor for hours doing this and he thinks it's so funny, he loves it!

Random Shots

 In the pack n play at the Watson reunion
 This is one of my favorite pictures of Kimball, he looks like a wise, old man. This was taken during lunch at the Cheesecake factory with Mom and Dad. No cheesecake for me, just a salad.
 This was when we got home from the reunion. He was so happy to finally crawl and roll and play on the floor!

Family Heroes

Last weekend was the Watson reunion in Boise. Three full days of sun, noise, family, and more noise. From Grandma and Grandpa there are 179 of us with 3 more (that I know of) on the way. This picture is right after the garage sale scavenger hunt/excursion. The theme this year was family heroes and I loved hearing stories about my ancestors and Grandma and Grandpa. (I was good at first with documenting each activity with pictures but then it was just too hot and too noisy so my camera wasn't always right by my side).

Sisterly Love

Seven Months

Charlie got this one at the reunion with instagram. I love it.

Monday, June 25, 2012

No Sugar, Don't Even Offer It

Today marks day 7 of no sugar.

I've never done this before. I'm trying it out to see if I can finally lose these dang 20 pounds that I've previously tried to lose.

I'm combining it with cardio and muscle building as well as eating healthier.

Trish and I are keeping each other accountable. We text each other everyday when we've finished our work outs consisting of 10 stair runs, 25 butt crunches, 15 push ups. We do three reps of each. The first day I did the work out I seriously almost threw up and was quite upset at myself for making such a ridiculous goal. But now I like it and have since added bicep curls and a butt blaster move. It only takes about 15 minutes every day which I like.

The hardest part about not eating sugar (I'm not going totally without sugar. I still eat fruit and such, I'm omitting treats and dessert) is my down time at home. That's when I want to snack and chillax. I usually do this with sweets, specifically chocolate chips or cookie dough. So the hardest part is having to ignore that snacky urge for sweets.

I'm on day 7 of no sugar and despite being out of town for the weekend at a family reunion, I'm still doing the work outs and Trish is keeping me in line. I hope to be successful this time so I can fit back into my regular clothes.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

I wanted to make Lance's first father's day special and my first gift idea back fired. Back in March I got him and Kimball matching ties for church. Well, I didn't have a suit for Kimball yet, therefore I didn't know yet that Kimball couldn't wear a button up shirt or tie because he has no neck. So, that gift was a flop. I also got him a t shirt with a picture of Kimball on it and his foot prints. I'm going to make this gift a tradition every year so that when all the kids are older I can make a fathers day quilt out of all the t shirts. My next gift I made for him was a tie board. We've tried several different strategies for hanging his many, many ties and none of them have worked. So I enlisted Tim's help and made a tie board. It turned out awesome, I'll try to get a picture of it if I don't forget. The last gift was my favorite and I couldn't not do this one. I stripped Kimball down to a diaper and put him in Lance's work shoes and tie. It turned out so darn cute! I later had it photo shopped so it was all black and white except the red tie and framed it for Lance's office at work. I LOVE IT!!!

Most importantly, I'm just so thankful that Lance is an awesome father to our baby. He's so loving and kind and gentle and he's this little man's hero at the end of the day.

Cox Reunion

The Cox reunion was Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The adults pretty much hung out while the kids did whatever they wanted together. I must say the best part was Saturday night because Stephanie brought stuff to do Jamberry nails and I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED having girl time! I don't know why but Allison really got me laughing so hard, it was hilarious. And it's my opinion that it we should make girl night a tradition at the reunion.

Kimball playing with Grandma's beach ball and Grandpa's toes

 Sage is quite the avid reader, she hid under the grand piano with Grandma's nook and read for a long time

Saturday night the kids had a water balloon/squirt gun/sprinkler/bowl fight. It was pretty hilarious to watch and I'll never forget Sage being so dramatic. Through tears, "I don't want to get wet! I'm not your enemy! I just want to have fun! Don't get me wet! I just want to play!" It was quite funny. I didn't get a picture of Sydnee but she played like she was a fearless10 year old boy. When it was her turn for the squirt gun she had the best aim and went running for the boys. Way to go Sydnee!

 Kempton worked on puzzles
 And these two near-crawlers decided to get acquainted

 Whenever Kimball would start to talk to Isom, Isom would get his pouty lip out and look so scared.

Jerusha's Baby Shower

The weekend of the Cox reunion the girls decided we'd better throw a baby shower for Jerusha, being that she's now in her third trimester. We had it at my house and Bonnie and I hosted it for her although everybody helped with the food. I dug out some oldies for decorations that have been in storage.

My cabbage patch doll Mindy, blessing dress and booties, Dr. Seuss books, and my very first doll. The bunny Lance gave to me when we were dating.

 The fantastically yummy spread!
 Bonnie made this uber cute diaper cake and stroller out of a watermelon! Isn't she so creative?!

 My favorites just because I have a sweet tooth; oreo truffles and Israeli cheesecake.
 Bonnie again, with these darling cupcakes!
 And yet again Bonnie, with these drowning floating ducks. (Lance said they were drowning, not me)!

 This area were for guests to write their best mothering advice or well wishes for the mother to be.

  Bonnie made these super cute letters for baby Jayna's room.

I made these blankets for the baby. The fabric was on sale and I had a fun time with my mom making them!