Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

I wanted to make Lance's first father's day special and my first gift idea back fired. Back in March I got him and Kimball matching ties for church. Well, I didn't have a suit for Kimball yet, therefore I didn't know yet that Kimball couldn't wear a button up shirt or tie because he has no neck. So, that gift was a flop. I also got him a t shirt with a picture of Kimball on it and his foot prints. I'm going to make this gift a tradition every year so that when all the kids are older I can make a fathers day quilt out of all the t shirts. My next gift I made for him was a tie board. We've tried several different strategies for hanging his many, many ties and none of them have worked. So I enlisted Tim's help and made a tie board. It turned out awesome, I'll try to get a picture of it if I don't forget. The last gift was my favorite and I couldn't not do this one. I stripped Kimball down to a diaper and put him in Lance's work shoes and tie. It turned out so darn cute! I later had it photo shopped so it was all black and white except the red tie and framed it for Lance's office at work. I LOVE IT!!!

Most importantly, I'm just so thankful that Lance is an awesome father to our baby. He's so loving and kind and gentle and he's this little man's hero at the end of the day.


Harris Happenings said...

So cute!

Laura said...

What a cute idea for a Father's Day pic!!

Melea said...

I love it - that's absolutely adorable!