Thursday, June 19, 2008

Weight Loss

The first picture is January of 2008 and the second (55 lbs lighter) is in May 2008. I debated putting these pictures up because it is embarrassing to see where I've been. However, through this last 5 months of weight loss, I have learned a lot:
1. Knowledge is Power
I really learned a lot about complex and simple carbs, proteins, sugars, etc. as well as learning about the importance of Target Heart Rate in exercise. I don't pay attention to calories as I do ingredients.
2. People do have different metabolism
I've never been a big eater, usually only one meal a day, while I've had friends who eat like pigs and never gain an ounce. I get tired of hearing skinny people and doctors act like fat people just need to use some self control and quit being pigs. In reality, people like me really do have to try harder than others to stay skinny.
3. Why diets are misleading
You've got to eat often (every 2.5-3 hrs) in order to train your body that it will get more food, so it doesn't have to store fat for the winter. Eating less slows your metabolism, so does eating too large of amounts in one sitting.
4. Why 'the Biggest Loser' is misleading
TV makes it look like in order for you to lose weight, you have to spend grueling hours doing difficult muscle-building tasks, and you can never bite an Oreo again. While this works (as your body has to supply energy for the workout) it will stop as soon as you do. Once these contestants get back to normal life, living like they did in 'the dorms' will be nearly impossible for real people.
5. Speeding up your Metabolism
Your metabolism is like a fire and it needs fed so you need to eat often, but eating the wrong foods will slow it down. Here are the basic rules:
- Eat foods the most like God made them
- Eat complex carbs and avoid simple carbs
- Don't eat a carb without a protein
- Don't do aerobic videos, taebo, or high energy sports for weight loss. These may all increase energy, make you sweat and build muscle, but if you are 100 lbs overweight your heart rate will be so high as to only burn the most recent sugars in your body. To tackle focused weight loss, walk. Keep it steady and simple, get up to your Target Heart Rate and keep it there for at least a good 45 mins.

While many people may disagree with some of the above statements, just remember - I'm the one that lost 55 lbs in 4 months, and I'm no nutritionist. It has been difficult, but I haven't done anything that caused me strenuous exercise or made me go hungry. I still have about 25 lbs to go, but that's nothing next to what I've already done. To any of you fatties, I can tell you that The Six Week Body Makeover that you have seen infomercials for, works! It's about education - and that's priceless. Knowledge will be with you always, Weight Watchers won't.