Monday, August 21, 2017

The foremost quality of our pioneers was faith. With faith in God, they did what every pioneer does-they stepped forward into the unknown.
- Dallin H. Oaks
If I were Satan...I would keep women so distraught and distracted that they would never find calming strength and serenity...catching them in the crunch of trying to be superhuman instead of realistically striving to reach their individual purpose and unique God-given potential. We must have the courage to be imperfect.
- Patricia Holland

We're Just Missing Tin Foil Hats

With the rest of America we donned our special glasses and watched the solar eclipse. It was so cool! We weren't in the path of the sun being covered 100% but it came pretty darn close and it was fun to hear Kimball be so excited about it. The next one won't happen for a few hundred years and it makes you wonder how God arranged the size and orbit and distance of the sun, earth, and moon to line up just perfectly for this to happen. Amazing!

Bound For Kindergarten

This handsome, goofy son of mine is going to be in Kindergarten this year, I can't believe it! He's definitely ready, so excited and is completely bored at home which is driving me batty. Today we went on a date to get school supplies but as it turns out the only thing Kindergarteners need are shoes and a back pack. He already has a back pack so we found some new tennis shoes and a lunch box. Now to give him a hair cut and he'll be all set!

Love This Sweet Babe!

Jensen Ramos and Ezra (7 weeks apart)

Pettingill Reunion 2017

We hosted the first Kerry Pettingill reunion this year in Spokane. We actually had it at the same lake house as we did the Cox reunion, that location was just too good to beat! We did much of the same activities - games, swimming, visiting, eating, boating, tubing, celebrating Dad's 60th birthday, celebrating Christine giving birth to Hannah, etc. 

We rented a ski boat which was awesome and didn't have any accidents until Scott decided to go on the tube by himself. He thought he dislocated his shoulder so Joseph tried putting it back in but it still didn't feel right so he went in to an urgent care for x-rays. Sure enough he broke his shoulder. After he got home and did an MRI they found 3 fragments broken off and his arm was basically torn off, they have to do surgery and reattach the tendon to the bone. Ouch, poor Scott! 

Scott won two guessing jars, Linley won the one full of cash, and Jaidin won a jar. Sydney won the eye game and got a sweet prize for that and Adam won the trivia game about mom and dad.

But we had so much fun and everybody was able to make it except for Christine who had her beautiful baby girl, Hannah Elaine. I guess a baby is a good excuse to miss an epic vacation, right? She's so precious! I'm so thankful that everybody sacrificed so much to make this vacation happen and we all had an absolute blast!!!