Monday, July 28, 2008

The Best Gift

Last Thursday Lance had the day off. I hate when he has a day off while I am stuck working because all I do is think about him having fun and relaxing. As I tend to call and check in frequently about once an hour, I needed an update just to make my work day as miserable as possible. I'd ask the usual and he'd respond with, "Oh I just showered and now I'm eating breakfast." And later still I'd call, "Whatcha doing?" Lance replied, "Just watching tv. Same thing I was doing 10 minutes ago when you called." Yes, I was a little annoyed because he has this list of things he wanted to get done while he has the day off, why isn't he working on getting that list done instead of watching tv?! About mid afternoon he called me this time and asked if it was alright to invited the missionaries over for dinner. I was hesitant at first but reluctantly agreed as we haven't spent time with them in quite a while. Just great! Not only do I have to entertain a house full of boys but I have to make dinner for them also??? I wasn't amused nor thrilled. I was looking forward to relaxing when I got off work before a hectic weekend.

On my way home from work I needed to stop and pick up a few groceries but I had a genius idea to make the oh-I'm-just-watching-tv husband run the errand. I called him up and I said, "Let's make a deal: I'll come home straight away and make dinner before the missionaries get there while you go to the grocery store and pick up these few items that I need for tonight." I was finally happy for the first time that day, he said that was fair enough. You see I'm always scheming in my mind ways to get Lance to do my tedious chores or tricking him into agreeing to make a deal. (Hint for all you ladies, these "deals" work like a charm!)

I got home and walked in the door. SURPRISE!! The floors were vacuumed and swept, the trash was taken out, the dishes were done, the table was set, the bed was made, the media draw where we keep the game controllers was organized, and hazaah........dinner was in the fridge ready to go in the oven. Not only that but a centerpiece completed the table along with napkins folded in diamond shapes. Oh the heavens were singing!! I was so impressed! And I're dying to know how dinner turned out..................Lance made chicken enchiladas with steamed vegetables and no bake cookies. It was delicious, I think that's the best meal I've had in my entire life!

Yes I did apologize to him for assuming that he was being lazy all day. When in fact, after working a very consuming and demanding job for two years. he of all people deserves a day off to relax and be as lazy as he wants. Little did I know while I was checking in every hour he was slaving away for me so that when I got home I could put up my feet and eat chocolate chips. (Yep, chocolate chips does the trick every time. My mom knows me best, for my bridal shower she bought me a 2 lb. bag. You'd be surprised at how long those didn't last - I inhaled them.)

What a guy! I'll tell you I'm the luckiest wife in the whole world, he's so good to me and I cannot complain about a single thing. He's so sweet and thoughtful. He has me up on this pedestal and I can't figure out why. I'm so lucky! And a note to all you husbands out there: if you ever want to give the best gift; the most thoughtful, meaningful and loving gift is a clean house and prepared dinner.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Craft Day

Once a month the girls in my family get together for Craft Day. This is one of the best days of the month because all my aunts, several cousins, my mom and sisters all get together for craft day. Whoever hosts it comes up with the craft and teaches everyone how to make it. We also have a wonderful lunch and lots of girl talk. We rotate every month so at the beginning of the year we decide who has what month. It's amazing to me that even though we all come from the same family, everyone has different and unique ideas to their own personality and taste. They're so creative sometimes I feel like a kindergarten kid coloring outside of the lines while they're painting Picaso's. It's one of my favorite things to do but since I've been in Charleston for the past few years I haven't been able to go to craft day. My lovely mom still sends me all the supplies and directions each month so I can do the craft on my own. I know, I have the best mom ever! I'll set up a gallery of things we've made to give any of you ideas for yourselves. Anyway, for those of you who don't know, I like to do beading and design jewelry. Most of the things I've made I have given away as gifts and once in a while I get selfish and keep the jewelry for myself. I've decided to make a blog of some of the things I've made so check it out. I love to do it and I'm willing to teach anyone. I've taught for Super Saturday hosted by the Relief Society and for the young women's youth organization. I'm still in the beginning stages of setting up the blog so lots of changes and ideas to come with pictures and tutorials. Check it out to the right!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Riding in Style

One of the best purchases we've ever made was to buy a Yamaha scooter. Now, we bought this shortly after being married so we've had it a few years but its been in storage until recently. With the cost of gas and Lance changing jobs we've needed a second vehicle. Praise the scooter! It is 125 CC's, goes 60 mph with both of us riding, and gets 80 miles to the gallon! That's right folks you read correctly, 80 miles to the gallon. We bought the scooter brand new in 2005 before moving to Charleston but it has been a very smart purchase. Yes, we did have initial conflicts and different views and opinions when we were "discussing" a scooter, but nonetheless, it's been wonderful. Saving on the cost of gas has already paid for the scooter and we're so glad to have it. Some of you wives might be wondering to yourselves how I could let my husband buy a scooter because of the many dangers. True, this one of my many points in our "discussion" to purchase the scooter. I will admit when we lived in Twin Falls we never used helmets because honestly, passing the tractors going 15 mph I mean, what's the worst that could happen we'd run over a worm? The drivers in Charleston are HORRIBLE and dangerous so yes, I require that we ALWAYS wear helmets at all times, no exceptions. I don't think there's a such thing any more as "going for a leisurely drive" what's the pleasure of just going for a drive these days, we almost have to take out a loan just to pay for gas every month. The scooter has made this possible once again and we love riding through the rural areas with the large oak trees covered in spanish moss hanging over the roads. Today we took it out for a drive to a friends house and a bug smashed into Lance's glasses. It was priceless, he couldn't do anything about it! Of course I had to get a picture and the camera wouldn't exactly focus correctly on the green squished mess, but you get the idea.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cypress Gardens

Today Lance and I went on a date to Cypress Gardens in Goose Creek, SC about 25 minutes away. This is the area where The Notebook and The Patriot were filmed as you'll see the cypress trees in the swamp. It was so beautiful! They have a butterfly house with a little pond filled with neat fish and all kinds of exotic flowers. We then went to the aquarium and visited the tortoise. We were extremely looking forward to meeting the alligators and crocodiles, unfortunately the females were laying eggs so the exhibit was closed off to visitors. Bummer! The nature walk is about 4.5 miles long but you know us, we walked about a half mile and grew too anxious to get in the boat. So we turned around and hopped in. What a beautiful and serene swamp! The water was perfectly calm with a slight breeze to fight the heat. I don't know that I've ever been in water so relaxing and so peaceful. As I looked around at the cypress trees and lily pads and the gorgeous reflections in the swamp, I am just in awe of how our Maker did this. It was so beautiful and amazing and so peaceful!

This flower is called birds of paradise

Pretty lily pads everywhere!

Do you see the turtle?

Duck your heads!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Yesterday Lance and I decided we have the lamest blog we've ever seen. Therefore I made the executive decision to take over and add a few things. Don't forget to check out the wedding slide show at the bottom, the resolution isn't great so I'm still trying to tweak things. More changes to come...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fourth of July

This year was one of the best Independence Days ever! I mean honestly, what can beat good food, good friends, and good fireworks??? We spent the day with several friends at the Fire's pitching in to a great bbq and some good Rock Band playing. I'm not the best I'll admit but its so fun to watch! We saw the fireworks at the Riverfront park with the same friends and I have to say, that was the best fireworks we've seen in a long time. They lasted a good 20-25 minutes and the finale was spectacular! After we purchased our own fireworks from the most red neck southern firework stand you've ever seen, (complete with rebel flags and 7 year olds running the booth) we lit them off at the West Ashley Park. The boys tried to get a little out of hand twisting the fuses together of several cylinders while putting them in a bath of gun powder. It was hilarious watching them run away, but I have to admit those were some awesome fireworks! Luckily no limbs were lost.