Wednesday, June 26, 2013

For The Record

A few weeks ago I'd spent all morning packing boxes with Kimball's help. I was beyond exhausted so Mom took Kimball for me so I could rest for the afternoon. Bless her! Anyway, Dad and Grandpa came home for lunch and she caught these two pictures of the boys eating. Cracks. Me. Up. Especially Grandpa and Kimball looking at each other eating chips. Priceless.

Mall Toys

Friday, June 21, 2013

What's For Dinner?

Dinner menu: homemade french fries and fresh watermelon

Funny how one baked potato will fill me right up but I can eat three potatoes in homemade french fries.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Is It Bed Time Yet?

Today was one of those days. It started out not that great because I woke up not feeling well. I thought it was just a "moment" that would pass but it didn't, the nausea lasted all day. Which means I wasn't very productive and didn't get anything done, not even keeping up on the dishes or washing the table. I think there are 4 or 5 meals dried onto the table from Kimball. Gross! I loathe washing the table because it gets so messy with each meal. But he's a toddler learning to eat with utensils so I let it slide. (And I may have taught him that when he's done eating his cereal, his bowl becomes an instacup. So now anything that I serve him in a bowl, must be drunk from like a bowl of cereal milk; yogurt, applesauce, etc. He even managed to do this with Baxter's water bowl at Grandma's. Gross again!)

It seems when I don't feel well then Kimball becomes much more attention starved and whines all. day. long. I tried to nap but the thunder storm we had interrupted that. After snack time I went to a store to get Lance's birthday gift. That was a mistake. More whining and fit throwing in public. Major SIGH!

Dinner was another disaster with food flung from every fork, finger, and mouth. Lance wasn't home from work yet to help me so I chose to just leave the situation. I left Kimball in his chair to eat while I cut up the watermelon so I wouldn't have a melt down. Once his whining got beyond tolerable I stripped him down and stuck him in the tub. Finally Lance got home as the tears were coming. I'd had it mentally and couldn't do anymore.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

I guess I should post something about Lance since it is Father's Day. He'll love that I said it that way, lol. His day wasn't all that great. Kimball was a handful in church with me taking him during the first part of sacrament meeting and Lance had him the rest of the meeting. (In my defense I was about in tears, I'd had enough by that point). I went home and took a nap while they finished church and Kimball wasn't very good in nursery either, he's definitely going through a separation anxiety phase and the leaders got Lance every 10 minutes because Kimball wouldn't quit crying. Deep down I think it's those stinking incisors trying to cut through and him having to adjust to mommy being pregnant and sick.

Besides that, Lance has been on call this weekend and his phone has rung nonstop! It's driving both of us crazy which means he'll have a very busy week at work.

Lance is the best husband and father! He's so good to us and I wish he had a better day and more time to himself to relax. But that's how the dice rolled today I guess. I'll save a mushy, embarrassing post for a later date. We all love you so much - Becky, Kimball, and Wee One

Friday, June 14, 2013


We listed the house for sale when we met with our realtor Wednesday evening. We signed some paperwork, he took pictures and put the sign out in the yard, and we were done.

Thursday evening the house was shown to three people. The first one who toured it made us an offer that night. We met to discuss the offer today and accepted it, they gave us exactly what we asked for.

Wow. I'm still a little speechless. What just happened?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Little Bebe Update

I had a pretty pointless ultrasound yesterday. They wanted to see if I have placenta previa again and to find out the gender. I'm only 16 weeks (tomorrow) so I wasn't very hopeful they'd find the gender, Lance was quite excited and really wants a girl. The cord was in between the legs and he/she was sitting indian style. Strike one. They think the placenta is a bit more towards the back but because I'm still early they want to do another ultrasound in four weeks. Strike two. So it was a big waste of time and especially money.

In other news, I gained one pound! But more excitingly I felt the baby move this morning. I'm not kidding and I know it's four weeks earlier than usual to feel the baby move but I swear I felt it! I was laying on my stomach in bed and felt him kicking against the mattress, there's no mistaking it.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sunday, June 9, 2013


A few days ago somebody flipped the switch! Huzzah!!!!! I'm still not feeling 100% myself but I'm definitely feeling a little bit better. I still throw up everyday but the nausea is gone. Some evenings are still bad but for the most part, I'm feeling a little better. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am and how relieved I feel! 

Especially for Kimball's sake, he's become quite attached to me and isn't as eager spending the day with someone else. Yes, the guilt is still there and probably will be for quite some time. But at least I can be a mom again.

I even went to sacrament meeting today! For the first time in 3.5 months, it was great!!! And it was so good to see everyone, we have a pretty awesome ward.

I'm 15.5 weeks along. I'm still not showing, still do not have any cravings, and still don't sleep very well. I have an ultrasound on Tuesday to check for placenta previa again and to find out the gender of this Wee One. I'm not sure why they are doing a gender check so early, I think the doctors are anxious to know if I have previa again. Which will be very helpful for me to know since I have a lot of work to do to move in four weeks and I don't want to put my body at any more risk for complications.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Rice Krispie Treats

It turns out a dry pool in the living room is just as much fun as a water filled pool outside!

Water Fun

On Saturday Lance worked on the outside steps that lead all the way to the second level. Because our house was built in 1910, the inside staircase is very narrow and you can't get any furniture up there so you have to use the outside stairs. They are old, rickety, and not safe at all! He tore them all down and spent the rest of the day building them. In the meantime, it was a warm day so I got the pool out and this little gecko that you hook up to the hose. The gecko is cute, I got him on clearance last year for $2. Kimball didn't play in it as much, I think the hose water was just too cold and it wasn't quite sweltering hot for him to want that cold water. But we had fun anyway!

 Trying to get a drink from the gecko sprinkler.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Spokane, Here We Come

The word is out, we are moving to Spokane. In April while Lance was in Oklahoma City for training, he was offered a job to be the manager of an embalming center. At first he immediately declined because of my physical state and then I called him an idiot for not getting the details. After a short trip up there to see the place and meet potential coworkers, we finally got the actual details of the job early last week. It's such a great opportunity for Lance. The funeral home he'll be working for has 7 locations in Spokane and they all use the one embalming center, Lance will be the manager of that center. 

We chose to accept the job because we really feel it is an answer to prayers. Looking down Lance's career path long term, he doesn't really have a future in Twin. Trent won't retire for at least 25 years so there's no chance of managing White's or Reynold's. Trent and John did offer him a raise to stay here but we realized that wage will be in place for a long time and still no chance of improving his career. Trent has been so good to us and has been awesome to work with, we are really sad to leave him. On the other hand, Lance will be just starting out as the manager in Spokane and has lots of opportunity to move up or improve his career. It was definitely a tough decision, in the end both options are a move up. One just has more potential than the other and that was the bottom line.

The bad side for me: #1 the timing is horrible! I'm 14 weeks pregnant, still fighting the extreme morning sickness. I have no idea how I'm supposed to pack and sell a house in 5 weeks. And once we move, we won't have anyone to help me with Kimball or anything else. #2 We will be leaving all family and so again, I won't have any help taking care of Kimball.  #3 We are leaving all the awesome ob/gyn doctors and nurses whom I've come to really love. Those are really the only few down sides that have an immediate impact.

The bad side for Lance: #1 he has to leave Trent who is a great boss and has been so good to us. #2 He has to leave the Magichords and doesn't know who's going to direct the chorus. He also has to leave the Ttones group that he created. The Ttones are the best part of his Tuesdays and he really has a great (although a bit immature) time with them. #3 He has to leave his calling as first counselor in the young mens. He has really enjoyed this calling, loves working with the boys, loves teaching, and is really finding it difficult to leave them.

The good side: pretty much everything. We're really excited for change (I LOVE CHANGE) and this new adventure! So we really are excited but that excitement is always bittersweet.


A few weeks ago we passed our 8th wedding anniversary. I say "passed" because we didn't really celebrate. Besides the fact that we both forgot about it, Lance was out of town in Spokane and I was sick. Not a great way to celebrate. So Lancie Poo happy anniversary, maybe next year we'll do better at remembering the occasion.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Cabana Cutie

Nothing quite like a popsicle on a warm summer day. Love those eyes!