Friday, February 26, 2010


Earlier this week I read this quote and it spoke a world to me. I've kept it in my inbox all week because I've read it every morning and can't seem to get enough of it:

"Work is an antidote for anxiety, an ointment for sorrow, and a doorway to possibility. Whatever our circumstances in life, my dear brethren, let us do the best we can and cultivate a reputation for excellence in all that we do. Let us set our minds and bodies to the glorious opportunity for work that each new day presents."

-President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pink Flamingo

Check out my new favorite earrings HERE!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Kindergarten or College?

We are still quite relieved and so thankful Lance got his apprenticeship license! Seriously, many months of praying and fasting, I'm just so grateful! Over the weekend we watched the opening ceremonies to the winter Olympics together while Lance worked on shaping various parts of the face. Let me explain: he's taking a restorative arts class where he learns how to reconstruct the body, mainly the face. His final project is a plastic skull in the resting position that he has to construct a face onto out of really hard clay/wax (reminds me of little kids playing with play dough in kindergarten). And guess who the skull has to look like? Yep, me. A few weeks ago as part of the assignment, he look four pictures of my face from various angles. I had to keep my face in a relaxed pose with my eyes closed and after he printed those out, it gave me a preview as to what I would look like in a casket. Kind of a creeping feeling.

While we were watching the opening ceremonies we both practiced making lips and no offense Sweetie but my lips turned out better than yours. :) Last week he had to practice making noses and I think he's pretty much got those down so I'm anxious to see what his assignments are this week. The ear? Perhaps the eye and eyebrow?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Guess what we received in the mail this week?! Besides the shoppers survey that promises a $10,000 giveaway, the usual junk from every credit card company, and the timely and altogether annoying bills.........................we received.........................{SQUEAL!}......................Lance's apprenticeship license!!!!!!! After a year of the unknown and possibilities of moving he's landed his apprenticeship at the local funeral home(s). (Technically he works for two of them). His apprenticeship is one year which means after he takes the state board exams in 2011, he'll be licensed! It's such a relief and so exciting! The bad news is the corporation still can't guarantee him a job after he's licensed so there's still a possibility of us moving but for the next year we're staying in Twin. The unfortunate news is we don't get the usual benefits of regular apprentices which is a bummer but right now I'm just glad he's got the apprenticeship. Whew!!

Spring Fever

As of late I cannot wait for spring. I hate the gloomy gray clouds, the rainy/snowy mist, and the dead trees. It's utterly depressing! To get ready for spring I organized and de-cluttered this weekend. All three of our garbage cans were overflowing with useless junk, I filled our car with things to donate to the DI, and we've listed several other large furniture items on craigslist. I got such a huge sense of relief and accomplishment after I finished it all, the junk was literally driving me crazy! Aaaaaaaahhh, now I just want to stay indoors and enjoy the freshness of each room not to mention escaping the misery of the weather.

The best part? I finished it all before Lance got home from work so I was able to surprise him. He was just as thrilled about it as I was. Later on during the day when I got home from running errands he bought me some roses and chocolates as a thank you for all the hard work I did on the house. What a Sweetie, I love my guy!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Designs

New jewelry designs HERE!