Monday, August 30, 2010

Back Yard Help

Our back yard has been neglected for quite some time with lots of over growth. Lots! About a month ago I started working on it pruning like crazy. There's a huge rose bush that's as tall as our house which I pruned about half way and three other bushes I pruned, why does everything have to have thorns??? So I did what I could by myself for the last few weeks and just left piles of trimmings and weeds here and there. I wasn't even 1/8 of the way done. I needed help. Saturday I called my sister who's visiting for a few weeks and she and mom came to help me. Luckily mom brought the truck so we had something to haul the piles out with. It took us 9 straight hours with three trips to the dump and all available blue garage cans filled to the brim, even a little overflowing, and we are 3/4 of the way done. Our backs were aching and we were plum exhausted. There were trash trees everywhere which have all become too big to dig out. To think the weeds were out of control is normal, sure. But vines? We have vines of all sorts everywhere. Sweet pea vines, vines that I thought were ground cover but they're not, ivy vines, vines that looked like little grapes but they weren't, vines, and more vines. Around the whole perimeter of the back yard were rocks of all sizes and kinds, once used for decoration I'm sure but became quite the hindrance as we were trying to dig. There are 5 or 6 bushes/trees that need to be pulled out but I didn't have the energy or equipment to do that so it will happen at a later date. I don't even recognize the back yard anymore. This was something that I didn't think I could do. As I looked back on all the work that we did I cried a little. It was so hard and I haven't done that much hard, physical labor since I lived on the farm. I'm so thankful for mom and Christine's help, this honestly wasn't something I could do by myself. Lance told me I should have taken before and after pictures. But lets be honest, nobody wants to see how bad it really was. I mean, it was bad. We didn't even want to take the garbage out to the alley for fear of having to walk through the yard no less look at it. But it's much better and we have plans to spruce it up a bit next spring. By the way, whoever invented the rake is a genius, my personal hero!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


While I was on the girls trip in WY, Lance conveniently scheduled to take the national boards while I was gone. What am I a distraction? Of course! So while I was on the rapids, Lance was taking the boards in Boise. The test is split into two sections timed at three hours each and at 300 questions for each section. He was so worried because he has three text books that are each three inches thick that are just question after question of possible questions that might be asked on the tests. He was so worried and was preparing for the worst because he didn't want to get his hopes up. But.........HE PASSED with flying colors! Congratulations Sweetie!!!!!

Twin Falls High School Reunion Class of 2000

During the awards Lance came in second for having lost the most hair!

Girls Trip: Jackson Hole, WY Day 4

On the way home we stopped in Alpine, a little tiny town outside of Jackson Hole and had breakfast at this quaint little inn. It's so charming and cute! As soon as we drove up I instantly fell in love with all the flowers and the owners who were so kind and hospitable. The best french toast I've ever had!

Girls Trip: Jackson Hole, WY Day 3

Friday was our free day to do whatever we wanted. Naturally we wanted to shop so we headed uptown to the square where tourists pour out money for all kinds of souveniers. I left my camera at the cabin so I didn't get any pictures but in the middle of the square is a grassy area and at the entrance was a high arch made of antlers. It was really cool looking, can't believe I forgot my camera! Late afternoon we headed to the Bar J Wranglers Ranch. They put on dinner and show which was fantastic!
Before dinner we went on a wagon ride and saw the beautiful grounds, my favorite were these little wagon planters.

Mom and her two girls.

After the wagon ride we got in line for these home made dutch oven biscuits. This guy kind of looks like a statue but I promise he's real.
Dinner time!
And the featured program, the Bar J Wranglers. It was a fantastic show! They were hilarious and very talented, definitely worth it!

Girls Trip: Jackson Hole, WY Day 2

Thursday was rafting day. We woke up early and dressed in our swimming gear, and headed to breakfast at The Bunnery (a cute little bakery, pictures to come later). We were still a little chilly and not quite awake, don't expect great pictures of us.

Peytin was the only baby who came with us and luckily for dad, an addiontal male. Unfortunately this also meant that Trish didn't go rafting with us so while we were on the water she was back at the cabin napping, reading, and playing with Peytin. Just some quality R & R. Petyin is the happiest, most pleasent baby I've ever seen!
We left around 9:30 with our life jackets and first went on a 13 mile scenic float trip down the Snake River. I was thinking it was going to be warm since it's August, but the sun was hiding behind clouds and the wind was blowing, it was FREEZING!!
Heather was the smart one who took a wind breaker from our guide. I later followed suit because it was honestly, just so cold.

The scenery was beautiful! Here are the Grand Tetons and around 11:30 we pulled up to a bank like this one and had lunch together.

The most common animal we saw were bald eagles, they were everywhere like they were sparrows or robins. This eagle was right on the bank and flew right in front of our raft as we came around the bend.

At 2:00 we went back into town to gear up for the white water rafting. Here we are with our wet suits and anxious for the rapids as we rode the bus 45 minutes out. When we loaded the raft and received instruction in case any of us fall out, Heather attacked Christine and over they went. As soon as we helped them back into the raft, Lynette attacked me and over we went. Oooh, that's cold water! Sure it may be 80 degrees outside but it was cold water! I will admit though, it was quite refreshing. The rapids were a class three and what a rush! I loved it!!

Girls Trip: Jackson Hole, WY Day 1

Drove 5-6 hours and arrived at the KOA campgrounds where we stayed. That pretty much sums it up.

Cox Reunion 2010

This year we had Lance's family reunion at Allison's house in Kuna. It was a lot of fun and good food! Most everyone slept outside in tents but I opted to sleep inside to get as much sleep as possible. We went to the state penitentiary which is no longer used, and the discovery center. We visited late into the morning, played games, took naps, and had a great time being together. This first picture is Lance and I on the little pulley operated chair at the Discovery Center where you pull your own weight to be raised to the top. The following pictures are from the old jail.

This is a picture of the womens ward at the penitentiary which as you can see the women were treated much better than the men. This is inside of a cell, not sure what the white curtain is for.
This is the gallows where the first hanging in Idaho took place.

Comfy toilet seat.
This was the solitary confinement cells where below you can see calendars and different etchings into the wall.

This was the dining hall that burned down.