Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Darn Cute Baby Material!

The last few days I've been at mom's working on my baby blankets. I've been SO EXCITED about them! As a matter of fact I couldn't sleep a wink last night, my excitement just couldn't be contained. What was a pregnant woman who's obsessing over pastel baby girl blankets supposed to do? Exactly what you'd think: I got up and grabbed a frozen old fashion glazed donut from the freezer and browsed pinterest for a bit.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


  • Bonnie had her baby - Addison Brielle Cox, two weeks ago. She looks a lot like Kempton and I've forgotten how small newborns are. She's two pounds heavier than Kimball was and yet I don't remember Kimball ever being that tiny. Congrats Bonnie and Kemp!
  • We finally have a move date! They finally found a replacement for Lance and his last work day in Twin is August 10th. He starts in Spokane on the 19th, giving us a week to finishing packing and cleaning, closing on the house, driving the nine hours, and finding a place to live. Yep, we don't know where we are going to live yet. Everything that we like online doesn't have pictures and I don't want to sign a lease without seeing a place first. What if it's been smoked in? Some things I could live with for 12 months but not stale smoke, especially with a newborn.
  • I went to Joann's last week to pick up a spool of thread, that was it. I should have known better not to stroll the fabric aisles of flannel! I fell in love with LOTS of baby girl fabric and told myself not to go overboard. So I got enough fabric to make two blankets - one is a regular receiving blanket and the other is going to be a strip rag crib quilt. I've never made a rag quilt so I hope I'm not getting myself into something I can't handle. Good thing Mom is going to help me this week, I'm going to need lots of it! I've got to get these done before we move  because the sewing machine I have isn't working right. 
  • Kimball is learning things left and right and I'm so loving this stage right now! He's learning a new word everyday, learned to shrug his shoulders, knows where his dirty diapers go, has started to sing, etc. I just love watching him because its fun to see him discover new things. 
  • This weekend is the Cox reunion in Boise - should be fun. Next week is PACK and CLEAN all week long. We're getting down to the wire and I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed.

Monday, July 22, 2013

My Bebe

Last week was a good one. I tried catching up on sleep since the trip to Boise and ALL the worrying the few previous days before that trip really took a toll on me. Especially mentally and physically. I really tried to readjust myself back into the every day mom stuff and started to feel hopeful. After all, three of the four concerns were addressed and are no longer concerns. hurray!

For church we went to Michael Kezele's mission farewell which was awesome. After the meeting the same doctor came up to Lance and I to see how we were doing. I was impressed he'd go out of his way and ask that, it was thoughtful. Until I heard the rest of the words which completely ruined my day! He put doubt and fear back into my mind about those four concerns of the baby. He acted again like it was some huge emergency and that he was really worried for us, in a weird way.

I didn't like it at all. Just when I was getting my hope and peace of mind back and settling back into my normal routine life, he had to dash my dreams again! I was upset all day. I didn't talk about it or really let it out until Lance and I went to bed and then I just cried and cried. Lance stayed up and we talked for a while. I expressed all of my fears and doubts. I just bawled at the thought of losing this precious little girl and couldn't quit crying. I cried all night.

So now I have to somehow quell those doubts and concerns and hold onto the hope. I'm constantly on my knees begging for the Lord to intervene. I just love this little girl so much and want nothing more than to hold her and kiss her and see her face and cuddle with her.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Water Days!

A few times this summer, all of us girls and kids have gotten together so all the cousins can play in the water. It's nice to let the kids roam and play together while us Moms can chat it up! This first one was in June when it was super hot.



 Baby Jaidin!
This was the fourth of July BBQ and water fun. It was at Joseph's which was nice to have his ginormous slip n' slide and plethora of sprinklers. Joseph was the only adult to play in the water with the kids, I guess we're all party poopers. Each family made their own tin foil dinners that we cooked on the fire and for the grand finale, Christine made a gender reveal cake which revealed a boy! I thought I had a picture of that but I guess not.

This particular day I had Kimball in a swim diaper. I will probably never do that again, it rubbed him raw! He was SUPER sore for a good week, poor boy.

 Christine and her baby bump!

This water day was just yesterday. Sally's family is in town for the week so we all got together again at Joseph's for some fun.

 I'm not sure why Tyson decided to hide under his towel on the slip n' slide, it totally soaked the towel.


 Sally's kids finally showed up and rough housed with the cousins. It was a blast!

Hours in the sun + hours playing with cousins + no nap = one very tired boy on the drive home at 5:30pm.