Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh My Boy

Dear Kimball,
You slept through the night last night sleeping 8 hours, but I still didn't want to get up at 6:30 so we both went back to bed. You're turning more and more into a Cox, I can't see the Pettingill features in you anymore. You're such a happy baby, always happy and smiling. You're very mild mannered and love it when people talk to you, you smile at everyone. You're really quiet and only cry when you're hungry. Your laugh is developing and its so funny when you pull a Pettingill poker face around other people, it really cracks me up. I'm the luckiest mother on earth! Your dad loves you more than life and can't wait to come home from work everyday, he just wants to see your face. He loves talking and singing and dancing with you. You are the center of our world and we cherish every moment we have with you.
All Our Love, Mom and Dad

Monday, February 27, 2012

Grandma Lance

Last night I typed up this long post about Grandma Lorene Lance who past away last week. But the computer wigged out and I lost my post. I'm not even going to try to recreate it but this poem she wrote was part of her funeral service.

I'd wandered aimlessly about
and felt the dark despair
of one who'd traveled life alone
and had no one to care.

I'd known the desolation
of long and lonely days
of seeking peace and happiness
in wrong and worldly ways.

I'd searched in diverse places
but no where could I find
the thing that I was searching for,
what was it? Peace of mind?

And then by chance, I came upon
a little child in payer.
She spoke in plain and simple phrase
to Someone who was there.

She talked with Him as friend to friend
in her sweet childish way
with utter confidence that He would hear
each word she had to say.

And then she said, "I love you God
I'm glad you are my friend.
I'll talk with you tomorrow
when I come back again."

That night as I trudged homeward
my thoughts kept turning back
to the little child who had so much
of the things my life had lacked.

And I began to wonder if
that God I'd never known
would help me find contentment
or leave me still alone.

I struggled long into the night
with thoughts both old and new.
The panorama of my life
kept coming to my view.

The wasted years, so many gone
I needed help to carry on.
And so in doubt and trembling
I knelt beside by bed
I know not what the hour was
I know not what I said.

I only know I begged that God
for faith as that small child
to help me change my worldly ways
and make my life worth while.

And all at once I felt a glow
in that early morning hour.
I felt a peace I'd never known
what was that source of Power?

There is a God, my heart cried out!
I feel Him near to me.
I know He lives, that He is real.
He's heard my humble plea.

And so my friends don't search alone
for something you can't find.
Just pray to Him who cared for you
He'll answer yours, He answered mine!

-Grandma Lance

Four Months

Kimball had his 4 month check up today, I can't believe he's that old already and I love his little personality forming. He smiles and laughs whenever he's awake, I love it. His stats are this:
  • Head circumference 38.5 cm which isn't even on the charts. Needless to say he has a little head. Dr. Jones said not to be too worried about it yet.
  • Weight 13.7 lb getting to the 25th percentile
  • Length is 24.75 getting to the 50th percentile
Can I just say how much I love Dr. Jones, he really is my favorite!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Aunt Carolyn

For FHE on Monday we went with Ma and Pa Cox to visit Aunt Carolyn. She looks just like she always does and acts just like she always does - chipper and humorous. It was the first time she met Kimball and although she couldn't hold him because of her ailments, it was special. She's a strong woman and had been through so much the last several months, I honestly don't know how she does it. I had to be sneaky, she hates her picture being taken.

As of Late

For the past three weeks Kimball has been fairly consistent at getting up only once every night. On these days I feel like I'm on top of the world and can accomplish anything I want. There are a few nights here and there where he will get up 2-4 times and on those days.....oh my. It's so easy to get used to the nights of good sleep that I forget he's only three months old. But I think we're making progress. He's got a good routine during both the day and night so everyone is happy.

This past week he's started to laugh audibly.....like there's actual noise coming out. He's always done a little airy chuckle that is often times confused with a grunt, but now he's got more of an umph to it turning it into a giggle. I can only get him to do it in the mornings when he wakes up and its for just a few seconds. Music to my ears.

I do get tired of all the doctor check ups he has to have. Yesterday he went to the ENT doctor for another hearing screening. Apparently there's an antibiotic called gentamicin that they give NICU babies and it can stay in the their system for six months. The audiologist said 1 in 200 babies have hearing loss because of it and luckily Kimball isn't one of them although he has to have another screening in three months.

In the evenings he tends to be a little more needy/fussy and doesn't like to nap very well. This is also the time Lance comes home from work and he perks right up when he sees his Dad. He's the center of our world and the reason we get up every morning. Quite literally. :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fabric Leaves

These little fabric leaves are my latest fave. I LOVE THEM!!! You just cut out about 30 leaves from fabric (front and back), cut out 30 smaller leaves of peltex and iron them together. Sew a line down the middle. Sew a zigzag all the way around the leaf. Use pinking shears to cut a decorative edge. Then zigzag the branch onto the back. My sewing isn't great since I haven't sewed for about 12 years and this was the best leaf I could find that I wouldn't be too ashamed if I showed anyone. I used 3 different coordinating fabrics which I picked up at The Quilt Barn (a definite ooh and ahh fabric store if you haven't been). The free detailed instructions/pattern is found here, compliments of Amy Butler.

So, what do you get when you put 30 of these fabric leaves on branches in a vase?

Pretty little leaves! I love every little inch of them and they reside by my trusty duck in the corner of the kitchen.

Accordian Fan Banner

Are you thinking, enough of the banners? This one was super easy and is going above the mantle.


This was January's craft that mom brought home for me since I was in Provo with Lance. I added the fabric heart because I felt it needed a little extra something. It sits atop my bookshelf.

ABC Banner

I love this scrapbook paper. It's vintage and uber cute. I just cut it apart (it had all these squares on one sheet) and tied it together at the top corners. I also bought a sheet of these little ABC stamps which I tacked on here and there. It doesn't have all the ABC's on there but just look at the paper, man I love it. I'm working on some ABC's for him as well.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lessons From the Week

  • The dollar store is pretty amazing most of the time. I'm starting to think regular department stores are ripping me off.
  • Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint
  • I weighed myself this morning after having started exercising two weeks ago. Guess how much I've lost? None. Nada. Zilch. I've gained two more pounds. Dang Gina, seriously?! It's so frustrating!!! I don't know if my body is always going to be like this since having a baby or if I need to give it more time. I know my body will never be the same but that doesn't mean I have to be Captain McJello all the time either. So I'm going to try harder. But man, I was livid when I saw the numbers.
  • It feels wonderfully awesome to cross something off my to-do list or to finish a project. I think I'll start listing minuscule and trivial things such as brushing my teeth or putting socks on.
  • I finished two craft projects this week and still have a few others I need to post pictures of. Both are for my kitchen and I'm deeply in love with them. Even Lance was impressed.
  • Today was the first day I taught the 15-18 year olds in sunday school. The general public doesn't give teenagers enough credit. They really are good kids who are trying to find their place in the world and want to make a difference.
  • We went on a date to Death By Chocolate, our first time going to the annual event, and I'll never go again. It was so unbelievably crowded I was about to have a panic attack, I wasn't impressed by the live music which was so loud I couldn't hear Lance yelling in my ear, and the chocolate was just mediocre. I wasn't wowed by any of the samples. All in all, two thumbs down.
  • During my pregnancy my feet grew. Not tons but just enough that all my high heels are too small. Dang.
  • In the middle of the night while feeding Kimball, I had an idea of another way to spruce up the living room besides the crown moulding we already put up. I won't say yet but I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. I hope I have enough play money to get it done (I cashed in all my coins...yes call me 7 years old but money is money) and I'll need to enlist mom's help for this one.