Monday, February 27, 2012

Grandma Lance

Last night I typed up this long post about Grandma Lorene Lance who past away last week. But the computer wigged out and I lost my post. I'm not even going to try to recreate it but this poem she wrote was part of her funeral service.

I'd wandered aimlessly about
and felt the dark despair
of one who'd traveled life alone
and had no one to care.

I'd known the desolation
of long and lonely days
of seeking peace and happiness
in wrong and worldly ways.

I'd searched in diverse places
but no where could I find
the thing that I was searching for,
what was it? Peace of mind?

And then by chance, I came upon
a little child in payer.
She spoke in plain and simple phrase
to Someone who was there.

She talked with Him as friend to friend
in her sweet childish way
with utter confidence that He would hear
each word she had to say.

And then she said, "I love you God
I'm glad you are my friend.
I'll talk with you tomorrow
when I come back again."

That night as I trudged homeward
my thoughts kept turning back
to the little child who had so much
of the things my life had lacked.

And I began to wonder if
that God I'd never known
would help me find contentment
or leave me still alone.

I struggled long into the night
with thoughts both old and new.
The panorama of my life
kept coming to my view.

The wasted years, so many gone
I needed help to carry on.
And so in doubt and trembling
I knelt beside by bed
I know not what the hour was
I know not what I said.

I only know I begged that God
for faith as that small child
to help me change my worldly ways
and make my life worth while.

And all at once I felt a glow
in that early morning hour.
I felt a peace I'd never known
what was that source of Power?

There is a God, my heart cried out!
I feel Him near to me.
I know He lives, that He is real.
He's heard my humble plea.

And so my friends don't search alone
for something you can't find.
Just pray to Him who cared for you
He'll answer yours, He answered mine!

-Grandma Lance