Monday, March 25, 2013

Training Him Early

Ready For Spring

I made this last week. It's name shall be called the treat/fruit stand. I love it!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Love is spelled t-i-m-e.

Love Him!

Pushing For Food

This is the new toy I got for Kimball, it was only $9 at Ross' including the fake food. I realize it's a little girly but Kimball loves to push things around such as the stroller, kitchen chairs, kitchen stool, musical table, anything he can find.

Girls Week #1

This past week Mom and I headed down to UT to spend four days with Christine. It was so much fun!!! We got snowed on each day which wasn't very springlike of mother nature but we had such a blast! Mom and Christine made terrariums which turned out really cool, especially the vessel Christine chose for herself. At that time Kimball was getting restless so I dumped a bunch of the rocks on a cookie sheet and gave him a few cups, he was good for a while with that.

 Here is Christine working on her terrarium and I did Mom's while Mom hemmed Christine's jeans.

 We did LOTS of shopping!!! And we all found some really great things too! About a mile from Christine's is a new place called Gordman's, it was pretty much awesome. I came home with a new toy and two books for Kimball, three shirts and yoga pants and two pair of shoes and other odds and ends for myself. And I stilled managed to stay within my "cash only" budget and didn't use my debit card, which was only $50 cash I think. I should have bought these sunglasses for Kimball, they were only $3 at Gordman's. He loves to play with Lance's glasses.

And this poor boy was so tuckered out, I think it may take him another week to feel rested. But he finally crashed on the way home. Thanks Christinie, it was so awesome!!!

Rock On

A few weeks ago when the weather was quite nice I spent a few afternoons at mom's and some of the other grand kids were there. It was so nice to let the kids go outside and play so the adults could visit! Since this is the first time we had decent weather AND Kimball can walk, I just let him outside and let him be. His favorite spot is over by the playhouse/swing set where there are little pebbles on the ground. He played for hours in those rocks! I thought to myself, "Self, you need to improvise so Kimball can play that long and that contently at home." So I grabbed an old tote and filled it with popcorn seeds, rice, orzo, and some wheat thingy. He loved it! There are two best parts about this, #1 I can just sweep up what he dumps out and store it for his next use, and #2 all the leftover "rocks" on the patio the squirrels love to eat. Kimball loves to watch the squirrels from the french doors in the living room, it's all a win win!

Brake For Arctic Circle

Britney Turns 2

 I love Kimball's expression, it's as if he hates birthdays, haha!

  Happy birthday baby girl!!