Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sweet Gratitude

I've had a rough couple of days for different reasons. Yesterday when I got home from work, Lance was busy in the kitchen doing dishes because he'd just put dinner in the oven for me. What a guy, I love him so much and that gesture alone made all the difference.

King Singers

Since I wasn't able to go to Denver with Lance, I was very much looking forward to our Logan UT trip. The King Singers were in town and there wasn't a chance we'd miss their concert, it was SO good! This was my second time to one of their shows and I loved every bit of it. They all sing a capella and their voices are so crystal clear its unbelieable! We decided to make it a little get away for us so we booked a room at our favorite hotel, the Anniversary Inn, and stayed the night while taking time off work. It was so nice and relaxing! I love the Anniversary Inn. This time we stayed in the room Lost in Space which was so awesome with the black lights, outer space mural/painting, and a sort of space ship bathroom. Of course we didn't have the money for the hotel because we could have easily just drove the 3 hours back home but money can't buy time with my husband and it was definitely worth it!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Show Time

A few weeks ago was the annual Magichords Barbershop Show. It turned out really great and Lance's quartet, 4th Avenue, also performed. Sadly, the quartet is no more. The Dell call center here in Twin Falls closed and as a result, 500 people lost their jobs including TJ. Luckily he received a promotion in Nashville, TN so he and his sweet Emily have moved there. Kempton is leaving for school in January at BYU so he's also gone. It will be sad, they have the best time singing and getting together and we wives also have had many good chats while the boys were singing away. But one day I'm sure there will be a reunion. Sorry for the picture quality, we were sitting towards the back and flashes weren't allowed so I got what I could.
This is the chorus performing.
Practicing at Ben's house.
I thought this was a funny angle.

Summer Loving

Towards the end of summer our Elders Quorum had a softball barbecue night. It was a BLAST! I had so much fun but somehow I forgot I had these pictures on my camera. Oops.
Look at all that good grub!
My niece Charity and her friends. They had a ball playing in the dirt
This is my oldest brother Joseph playing ball with his boys

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Need Your Opinions!

I've had a few requests for matching mother and baby bracelets as gifts. So my question is: what do you think about the concept? Please vote above!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let's Try Again

Lance was supposed to go on a week-long trip to Denver the first week of October for labs, which he did go to.............for one day and then he got sick. Turns out it's more expensive to check out of a hotel early, return a rental car early, and change flights, than it is to stay in a hotel for a week with a rental car that sits in a parking lot. Who knew? Lance came down with a bad fever, aches and pains, a sore throat, bad headaches, the whole bit. I felt so bad for him. He was cooped up in a hotel room with nothing to do but lay in bed and be miserable. Poor guy!

Luckily his instructor is very nice and told him he could make it up on the next go-around which is this week. Once more, I have the house to myself which is very quiet and I can't seem to get used to it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Scenario #1

Somehow Idaho decided to fore go autumn and went straight for winter as we had the first snow fall of the season. I'm not a fan of the cold and especially not a fan of the snow. It's the fourth day of October and the temperature never got over 35 degrees. Brrrrrrrrrrrr, it's freezing!!!

Therefore I was very much looking forward to getting in a hot, steamy shower. I'm enjoying the hot water and washing my face when the power goes out. I think to my self, "Self, don't worry it's probably just a glitch and it'll come back on in a few seconds." About a minute passes by and I feel awkward standing in the shower in total and complete darkness. I turned the water off and decided to open the door to let in some light to finish my shower which I apparently wasn't coherent enough to realize it's 10pm and the sun went down almost 3 hours ago. I reached for the towel and in the freezing cold air stumbled my way to the kitchen to find the box of matches. I slipped on the linoleum floor because of the dripping water all around me but managed to light a tiny candle. At this moment I'm thinking to myself, "Self, it's a darn good thing Lance is not here to see this pitiful sight!"

Since I had just put out the fall decorations I replaced the coffee table candle centerpiece with fall stuff. But where in the world did I put that tray of candles that I moved just a week ago? I searched all over the house still dripping wet and nude, still stumbling over everything in the dark. I can't find them anywhere! I looked in every nook and cranny imaginable but they were nowhere to be found. I put the little candle down so I could squint around the room.............ahhhhh................... I found them over by the cedar chest. Victory!!! I quickly lit three large candles and carried the tray to the bathroom and placed it on the back of the toilet. Oh what heavenly light it was! But it still wasn't quite bright enough for me to shave my legs so I grabbed a bag of tea light candles and lit five more of those and placed them all around the sink directly in front of the shower.

I turned the hot water back on and finished my ever-so lovely shower. Just as I was dressed and ready to hang up the towel, the power came back on.