Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thank You, Thank You!

I just have to give a shout out to the world's best husband: my Lance. He's my rock in every way, he's my sunshine and my happiness. Through this whole pregnancy he's been such a trooper and a huge blessing. Whether it has been holding my hair back to throw up, pulling the blanket over my feet, making me dinner, nagging me about drinking water to avoid dehydration, keeping my arms warm in the hospital while I had iv fluids going, putting my socks on, wiping tears away as I sobbed in desperation because of pain or the lack of endurance and courage, he has been there through it all. All the ups and downs. All the good and the bad.

We've got 5 weeks to go and he'll be facing the most difficult part of it with me and I couldn't ask for any one else. He's been by my side this far and I literally couldn't do this without him. I love you so much Sweetie!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


We finally got the call from the hospital confirming my c section date.

October 26

Only 5.5 more weeks!

Stomach Cramps or Contractions?

Last Thursday as I was eating lunch at my desk at work I was feeling a little funny, kinda like the leftovers I was eating were too old. My stomach started to cramp up. I went home and tried to sleep it off but I couldn't sleep through the pain. I got out of bed around 3pm or so and the stomach cramping was higher instead of all over with sharper, more intermittent pain. I figured if the food I ate was bad then I would have thrown up by then which I hadn't although I was nauseous. I called Heather (who's also had Previa) to ask what contractions felt like. I always imagined them to be a lower pain/pressure which wasn't what I was experiencing.

I called the doctor and they recommended I go into labor and delivery just to be monitored and make sure they weren't contractions. I waited for Lance to come home from work and we headed to the hospital about 5:00.

The worst part was getting the IV in, it hurt worse than the contractions and you better believe I was yelling and wincing.....oh my that hurt so bad! The nurse confirmed that I was contracting and started me on IV fluids right away as I was dehydrated. Who knew dehydration caused contractions? I sure didn't. And I'll admit I'm the worst at drinking water because I'm never thirsty but you can believe Lance is now the water nazi. After starting the IV's I couldn't feel the contractions anymore which is funny because it turns out I've been having contractions for several weeks - I just never felt them.

My two nurses were awesome, the first one I grew up with in Jerome and the second one we both knew from the college ward so it was great seeing both of them. The doctor on call checked everything and the something-something test came back negative (to see if I was dilated or effaced). They finally released us and we went home at 2am with some meds to stop contractions.

Luckily no bleeding, otherwise they would have done the c section immediately. So I'm taking it easy resting up and hope this little guy stays in his little home for 6 more weeks.

Funny though. I was starving but they wouldn't let me eat while I was on the IV. Lance eventually left to get himself something to eat and I told him when he comes back to bring my big purse and sneak me some food to eat. Well, I forgot I was hiding my peanut butter m&ms in there and he found them. Boy that made his night! I felt terrible though because Lance was so bored to death and starving and came straight from work so it was a long day for him. Poor guy.