Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Man Trip: Monster Truck Show

Lance spontaneously took Kimball on a man trip for the afternoon to the monster truck show. I would've liked to go as a family but the noise would've been too much for Cora and it would've been an expensive afternoon so I'm glad it was just the boys. They had such a great time!! Kimball is now obsessed with monster trucks and watching You Tube videos of them. His favorite truck was the Halloween truck (Grave Digger) and after the show they topped off the day with ice cream. Because you know, the snacks at the show were ridiculously priced, I mean who's going to pay $10 for cotton candy?! I'm so glad Lance takes opportunities for one-on-one quality time with the kids, they'll remember that forever.

Little Everyday MOMents

Can you say cabin fever?

The Best Daddy

I was asked by Cora's sunbeam teacher for a picture of her and Lance together and as I was looking for one I realized the only picture I have of just the two of them is from her blessing day. I guess it's time for one!

And this guy is seriously the BEST. DAD. EVER. I cannot wait for the baby to meet him!

Getting Ready For Baby

My project for all of January has been de-cluttering the house and making room for the baby. We switched rooms with the kids so they're now downstairs by the kitchen and Lance and I are upstairs. The baby will go in that other little bedroom upstairs so I think it'll work out perfectly. I do love having the kids on the main floor since that's where we spend the majority of the time and now they actually play in their room which is nice! Since they have an actual closet all the toys can be put away behind closed doors - it's really quite a nice feeling. 

I went through every closet, nook, and cranny and gave about 6 bags of stuff to Goodwill. Lance went through all the office stuff and we got rid of 5 boxes from there. As I brought in boxes of baby stuff I got all the infant boy clothes, blankets, and burp rags washed up and put in the baby's room. Since this is our last baby and we now know that it's a boy I was able to get rid of the girl clothes so there went another 6 boxes from the garage; a friend of a gal in our ward is having her first baby girl and she's a single mother so I gave all of the girl stuff to her, hopefully she can get some good use out of it. Besides having the crib set up I am all ready for the baby, I've even bought a few packages of diapers to start stocking up.

I also made this rag blanket for the baby - monsters with bow ties. It was a quick project and I had it done in two days.
This little man is cooking nicely, we had another ultrasound since the first anatomy scan he didn't want to show his face or stomach. Everything looked good with no soft markers or congenital or genetic abnormalities - such a relief! My doctor discussed the pros and cons of doing another cesarean section verses a VBAC so Lance and I have a big decision to make there. I'm really terrified of labor but on the other hand, Cora's recovery was awful and I don't want to do that again either. I'm not really sure what to do at this point.

January Happenings

This winter has been one for the books that's for sure! We got lots of snow in December which I was ok with because it got me into the holiday spirit and we had a nice white Christmas. Then we continued to get more snow all through January and I've come to dislike the month of January, what a LONG month it was! When it wasn't snowing the temperatures would plummet into the single digits and below zero so it was frigidly cold. It is now February 1st and we haven't seen the ground for two months, we still have gobs and gobs of snow and ice. It's really starting to get old!

January was filled with illnesses, lots of snow and cold, and Lance had a record-breaking month as far as call volume so having him gone a lot didn't help with the cabin fever. December and January are always the busiest months of the year for him and January he did 206 calls for the month which is about 7 a day. But I guess that's good for business. Next week he has a meeting in Seattle - he's planned for the last several months to expand his removal services to the Seattle area and he's hoping to get it all set up and ready to go by May. He'll only contract with SCI to begin with and they have 11 locations so that will keep the staff busy. His current #2 guy is wanting to move to Seattle and will act as the manager for the area so he'll receive and dispatch all the calls. We'll have to get more vans, removal equipment, and 4-5 full time guys. The timing is just horrible with me having a baby at that time, Lance will be in Seattle quite a bit for the first few months but once it's up and running it should prove to be a good revenue booster and if things continue to go well then he can always offer his services to other funeral homes in the area. So we are praying that in the meantime this is a step in the right direction as far as business expansion, we definitely don't want to move to Seattle (especially me) so having a good manager and staff will be key.