Monday, October 31, 2011

Sweet Halloween

This is the first Halloween Lance and I aren't dressing up or hosting a party which is a bummer but our reason is so worth it. I mean, look at this little mummy of a man that the NICU nurses dressed him as. They made the onesie with actual gauze and little google eyes, so creative! Of course we had to get a picture with the cute bib that the ladies from the bank gave him even though its super big.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little Old Man

I love this picture because his mouth and cheeks and both chins look like an old man to me. But not just any old man, a very cute old man!

Daddy Time

I wish I got a video of this but this snapshot was Dad singing and dancing for Kimball. It made me laugh.

First Family Photo

Tiny Feet

Early Treat

One of the nurses brought in these little hats for all the NICU babies. They said they were going to do something special with them for Halloween tomorrow so I'm anxious to see what they're planning. The hat is quite big obviously but it's so cute!

Few Hours Old

These pictures are from Lance's iphone taken in the NICU a few hours after Kimball was born.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bittersweet Parting

Tonight we are going home from the hospital, leaving Kimball behind in the NICU. It will be so hard but we know he's in good hands, the nurses are awesome. They did disconnect his IV and his eating through the tube is consistent but his breathing remains the same on the cannula and his jaundice is worse so he's on the glow worm blanket. He's such a soft, cute little guy though!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Progress Report

Kimball is in the NICU for his difficulty breathing. Yesterday they took him off the ventilator but kept the cannula in. I tried nursing a few times today but the little guy is just so tuckered out he slept. One of the nurses tried to give him a bottle which was too much, he choked a little and started having breathing problems again. Overall, he's doing great though. I assume I'll be able to go home tomorrow but I haven't heard yet and he'll stay in the NICU for a few more days at least.

Our First Meeting

The C-Section at 36 Weeks

5:15am heading for the hospital

6:00am ready for all the prep

We arrived at the hospital at 5:30am and had quite a chipper nurse which would have been awesome, but not so much at that early hour, I wasn't in the mood and didn't sleep at all the previous night. I was hoping to be poked only once for my IV since they are painful and I hate them but that didn't happen despite my attempts at being as hydrated as possible with Sir Lancelot as my water sergeant. Walking into the OR was weird, I thought I'd be wheeled in there but I had to pause at the door for a moment. That's when I became scared. Bright lights, doctors and nurses in scrubs standing and waiting for their patient, lots of machinery, lots of tools laid out in perfect rows, sterile everything. It kinda freaked me out and reality hit that I was about to have surgery. I sat up on the table and had to be poked a few times for the numbing medicine before the actual spinal block. That wasn't very pleasant and I was sad Lance wasn't in the room because I had two good zingers and he missed them both. I guess my joking was my own little way of dealing with the fear.

After that everything happened really fast but not fast enough to avoid the nausea and throwing up. Next thing I knew they were cutting into me and Lance was nowhere to be seen. I asked the nurse, where's Lance? She said she didn't know. Ten seconds pass by, where's Lance? She said he disappeared. Ten more seconds pass, where's Lance? She said she didn't know and that he had disappeared. I asked 20 times too many where Lance was and nobody seemed to know. I could feel the tugging and pulling and knew the baby was coming soon. Finally Lance walked in right as they pulled the baby out which he was quite happy about until he came to the other side of the drape where I was bawling. I was red faced, tear smeared, one heck of a hot mess. I was livid! My only source of comfort wasn't there when I needed him and no nurse would go find him. When he finally did show up he kept asking me why I was crying and what was wrong. The only thing I could say was everything, because it didn't matter at that time if he was there, my security blanket was gone and all the fear and anxiety and unknown seeped into my whole being. So for the remainder of the stitching up I bawled and bawled and nothing could settle me down.

Then the shakes started which I had read about but forgotten and it freaked out Lance. I got wheeled into the recovery room when I demanded from Lance what in the world happened and why he wasn't there. Turns out Lance was all dressed in scrubs ready to go, waited for 20 minutes and nobody called him in yet (this was the time the anesthesiologist poked me several times because it took him a few times to get it) and natures calls. He went to the restroom and was there for about a minute and a half. Nobody went to look for him, he walked in the OR just in time to see the doctor pull out the baby. Lance felt terribly guilty. I was so upset and still so livid, I just kept crying all through the recovery room and into the postpartum room. I wasn't mad at Lance, just the nurses. Why didn't anybody get him???

At this point I had been awake for 2 days so I was like a zombie who just underwent surgery. I tried to sleep but to no avail. I finally had the chance to see Kimball in the NICU and it was great for us to be a family of three for the first time. After visitors left and Lance went home home to sleep, I finally drifted off into a slumber. Of course I had to wake up several times for vitals and blood draws and the like but I was so relieved to sleep.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

He's Here!

Kimball John Cox was born this morning at 7:53 weighing in at 5 pounds 7 ounces and 18.5 inches long. His lungs are underdeveloped so he'll be in the nicu for 1-2 weeks. More details to come.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

October Craft Day

Of all the people I wanted to a baby shower, I really wanted my sister there. I don't know why, probably because she's the only sister I have. Even though she had to arrange her work schedule she made it and hosted an awesome family baby shower for me during October's craft day. Thanks so much to Christine, Mom, and all the sisters who helped, it was fantastic! (Charity was my photographer during craft day, thanks Charity)!

Whenever Peytin sees a camera, he's got his little grin ready!

This is a SUPER cute quilt my mom made me. It's all barnyard animals.....right up my alley. Love all the polka dots!
This little blanket mom made with Charity. Charity picked it all out and laid out the patterns and stuff for Grandma, she couldn't wait for me to open it and take a picture with her. Thank you Charity!

Quiet please, game time!

This super chic quilt Heidi made....I had no idea she even sewed and to top that off she said this is the first quilt she's ever made. I'm floored! I LOVE the colors!

9th Ward Rocks!

My totally awesome (old) ward threw me a baby shower a few weeks ago. It felt SO GOOD to see everyone again, it was like being home. Thanks so much everyone, it was a blast and this little boy got spoiled! I have to give a special shout out to my fabulous YW, check out this blanket. We have got some uber creative people in 9th ward....each young woman and leader drew me a picture/saying and signed their name to create this beautiful quilt. I wish I had a picture with every single young woman and leader with the quilt but these were the few that were able to make it to the shower. You guys rock!

Yummy spread with Dianne's famous cinnamon rolls.
I love that in this picture Stephanie looks so entertained and thrilled to be there. She'll probably shoot me for posting it but I couldn't resist. :)