Sunday, October 31, 2010

City of Horrors 2010

Our 3rd annual All Hallow's Eve party was a blast! We sent out toe tags as invitations (not real ones, we found a template online) with black outlined envelopes and a skull wax seal. Lance designed it all and I helped him with it, but the credit is all his, they really looked great! We served chili, 7 layer bean dip and chips, salsa, ham and tortilla roll ups, cupcakes, sugar cookies, rice krispies, candy, and root beer. Thanks to Donna and Steph for all the help.
We found quite a bit more decorations this year thanks to craigslist. With that we had half the house as a spook alley. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of it until after the party so it wasn't picture perfect, and the flash was on so you don't get the creepy feel of it. Oh well. These are kicking legs we suspended from the door frame with a strobe light. They were my favorite.
This ugly guy was suspended from the ceiling.
Marcus the carcass stuffed in the old chair.
Crime scene, I don't know why I didn't get the picture of the head, that was the best part.
Animated skull, his eyes and jaw moves and he talks.
Pine coffin courtesy of Lance and the mortuary.
Zombie hanging from the ceiling which was part of the graveyard.
This guy pops up and yells when you walk by.
Mad scientist scene.

Nope, not a fake. This is Lance's dad. He was our scientist who scared people when they went through the spook alley. I'm surprised how long he lasted with the mega strobe light and fog machine going all night. He was perfect!

All the great costumes! I know there were several others whose picture I didn't get, I apologize.
Rhett and Cassie - carrot, tomato, and peas
Halle, Heather, Aubrey, and Brad

Halle and Aubrey were so scared of Brad, it was funny.
KJ and Sonya

Lance and I had no idea who this guy was for about 20 minutes. We finally figured it out because of the golf score card in his pocket. Jim Lee.
Stimpson boys, aren't they cute!
Ma and Pa Pratt
Lloyd boys

Actual sister missionaries. Sister Khadgi is from Nepal and has never heard of Halloween. She would not come in the house at all so Lance went outside and walked with them through spook alley. She then took tons of pictures and videos of the spook alley.
Sara and Greg - fifties couple

This won for best costume in my book! They made this entire thing. Tami is a loofah and Audrey is a shower made from PVC pipe, tin can, shower rings and curtain, bicycle streamers and balloons. AWESOME!!!

Batman duo
Emily and Amanda
Yvonne and Mitch
Emily and Martin
Tawny and Ryker


Trish, Charity, and Devin (the other boys were sick)

The Karren's
Tim, KoLei, Melony, Valarie, Tyson, and Savannah