Sunday, January 25, 2015

Where Oh Where Is The Sun?!

I feel like we're living in limbo. I've been packing up the house for the past two weeks and all I have left are the everyday essentials. I'm anxious to close on the house as soon as possible but I guess it'll be the first week of February at the earliest.

Cora is doing remarkably well. That little girl is a miracle through and through! Just last week Ginette asked if we wouldn't mind participating in a class that she's teaching at Eastern Washington University. She's recently gone back to school for her doctorate and she wanted to use Cora for one of her classes. She said, "It's really interesting how Cora looks on paper - lots of defects and abnormalities and specialists involved with her care. Yet if you look at her as a person, you'd never know she had anything wrong with her." Absolutely true!!! Everyday I'm shocked watching all of the things she does and how she's catching up on her milestones at hyper speeds. She's coming right along with her peers and I don't know what this next year will hold for her (surgeries?) but she's come so far and shocks me with her abilities. Oh and that smile?! She's the happiest little girl with the best disposition. She completely lights up my life!

Kimball is very anxious to go to the new house, he's already been telling me stuff he wants in the yard. We're all extremely anxious to get out of this neighborhood but it'll really benefit him the most. He's still got a little defiant/naughty streak in him where he whines incessantly and is mean to Cora, but I think the majority of that is due to cabin fever, cloudy days, and no yard.

Lance has been so busy at work, putting in so many hours at work. They're so short staffed and have been since November, it's really taken a toll on Lance. He's stressed and overwhelmed and stretched far too thin. He's got his regular managerial responsibilities as well as funeral directing, embalming center managing, sales, and anything else that needs done - at the other locations that are short staffed. He's picking up the slack for everyone without praise or compensation. But with it being about three months since he's been stretched this thin, it's taking a toll and I don't know how much longer he can last with this much pressure. He's SO good at his job and is a remarkable manager and employee; he's had several co workers who've told him if anything happens to him then they are quitting, they all love Lance. He's a good provider for us and works his tale off, not for the company so much (although they benefit from his hard work) but for the families. It's breaks his heart seeing families who don't get what they paid for or deserve when it's the company's fault for being short staffed. Anyway my point is, I'm very grateful for what he does for our family and for other families who grieve. I'm grateful that he's got the integrity and decency to do what's right on behalf of grieving families. That says a lot about a person.

Because Lance has been working so much, I don't get much of a break with the kids. I try not to complain because I know Lance needs to do what he needs to do. Tonight was so nice because he played with the kids and put them to bed without me, he hasn't seen the kids all week so I know they loved it as much as I did!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Catching Up

I don't know where the last few months have gone. The sky has been nothing but gloom and doom for weeks on end, the air is very cold, and it's still winter. Bah humbug! I need some sunshine!!!

In recent news, we are buying house which will hopefully explain my blogging absence. Over the Christmas break there were numerous car thefts out in the alley, we also found a neighbor to be a felon for kidnapping - time to move! Just last week I had to report another stolen car in the carport, I guess the alley is a good dumping place (as the police put it).

We are moving a mile south of us. BUT, it's a much better neighborhood and so quiet! Amazing that one mile can make that much of a difference. We'll be in the same ward, it has a nice big yard (big lot), three car detached garage, built in 1930, 2040 square feet, 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms (we plan to finish the basement), and completely updated. It even has stainless steal appliances and we get to keep the new washer, dryer, piano, and porch swing.


Cora Update

The xray results showed a normal spine except T2-T9 showed dextrose scoliosis to a 12th degree. That's what they told me over the phone and I haven't heard an explanation or plan of attack since then. I also still don't know if they decided to do an MRI of the sacral dimple or not. We have a doctor appointment tomorrow so I'm hoping to have all those questions answered.

I swear, sometimes the professionals can't make their minds up. A little while ago Cora was too tall and big and now she's losing weight and they're concerned about that. She lost a half pound after I took her off of the pump, the weight check last week with Jordan showed no more loss but also no weight gain either. I really don't want to put her back on the pump, that thing had become such a nuisance with Cora moving all over the crib, it more than doubled my laundry and bathing duties. If Cora didn't aspirate then it wouldn't be a problem because I wouldn't have to limit her quantity. But at least she doesn't have an oral aversion and she definitely loves to eat!

We're still working our way into the dairy products, it's been a slow process and we had a set back in December. She's ok with cheese and I'm not sure about yogurt, I think she may be intolerant but it's so hard to tell for sure! I still haven't tried cow's milk, maybe next week we'll attack that.

My Morning Cubs


Getting Fitted

Last week at school Cora was fitted for orthotic braces to help her walk. They're so cute! She absolutely LOVES going to school and LOVES physical therapy. For now she'll just wear these at school to determine if she'd benefit from them long term or not. If so then I'll have to get some high-top shoes or a special shoe to fit the braces as well. Currently, we go shoeless everywhere because her feet are too big/fat and her legs are too fat for boots to zip up. If I put her in a really big size then they're too clown-like and floppy for her to walk so we're doing without. I'll eventually need to find some high-top shoes for her because those offer more support through the ankle where she needs it. She's not walking on her own yet or standing on her own but she'll get there. She's definitely got the drive!

An Infectious Laugh


I don't know how she sleeps like this. And how did the bear end up on top of her?

Random Pictures

Christmas Parties & Christmas Day

We had a lot of Christmas parties to attend this year which were all quite fun. I hosted a girls night-Christmas style and we did a goodie filled sock exchange among games and lots of yummy treats.  We also had a couples party with three of my good friends, the ward Christmas party (where I locked the kids inside the car. What a dummy!), a party of a fellow barbershopper, and a work party. 

These pictures are of the work party and the kids had a great time! The food was absolutely delicious, it was very kid friendly with the kids writing letters to Santa of what they wanted and gingerbread house constructing, Christmas bingo, a sing along led by Lance on the ukulele, and a visit from Santa.

At Ball and Dodd Funeral Home Lance works with five other people in their small office that he manages and he really wanted to do something nice for each of them. After we got their gifts ready, the kids and I showed up at work and handed the gifts out during their staff meeting. Kimball dressed like Santa and helped Lance with everything while I sat with Cora in the corner, it was cute to watch and everybody loved it.
This is our Christmas morning! And the only two pictures I got because I didn't want to be stuck to the phone or camera all day. We stayed home which I loved, it was very low key with just our little family. I made a yummy Crumb Cake and sausage with sparkling juice for breakfast. The missionaries came over mid-morning to use our ipad and computer to call home from, it was neat to be a part of their Christmas as well and help them in that regard. These are the kids with their favorite gift. We sure love the Christmas season and are so thankful for eternal families and the gospel!