Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Getting Fitted

Last week at school Cora was fitted for orthotic braces to help her walk. They're so cute! She absolutely LOVES going to school and LOVES physical therapy. For now she'll just wear these at school to determine if she'd benefit from them long term or not. If so then I'll have to get some high-top shoes or a special shoe to fit the braces as well. Currently, we go shoeless everywhere because her feet are too big/fat and her legs are too fat for boots to zip up. If I put her in a really big size then they're too clown-like and floppy for her to walk so we're doing without. I'll eventually need to find some high-top shoes for her because those offer more support through the ankle where she needs it. She's not walking on her own yet or standing on her own but she'll get there. She's definitely got the drive!


Christine said...

What a doll!!! I want to come visit!

Stephanie said...

She's so dang cute!!