Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cora Update

The xray results showed a normal spine except T2-T9 showed dextrose scoliosis to a 12th degree. That's what they told me over the phone and I haven't heard an explanation or plan of attack since then. I also still don't know if they decided to do an MRI of the sacral dimple or not. We have a doctor appointment tomorrow so I'm hoping to have all those questions answered.

I swear, sometimes the professionals can't make their minds up. A little while ago Cora was too tall and big and now she's losing weight and they're concerned about that. She lost a half pound after I took her off of the pump, the weight check last week with Jordan showed no more loss but also no weight gain either. I really don't want to put her back on the pump, that thing had become such a nuisance with Cora moving all over the crib, it more than doubled my laundry and bathing duties. If Cora didn't aspirate then it wouldn't be a problem because I wouldn't have to limit her quantity. But at least she doesn't have an oral aversion and she definitely loves to eat!

We're still working our way into the dairy products, it's been a slow process and we had a set back in December. She's ok with cheese and I'm not sure about yogurt, I think she may be intolerant but it's so hard to tell for sure! I still haven't tried cow's milk, maybe next week we'll attack that.

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