Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Getting Ready For Baby

My project for all of January has been de-cluttering the house and making room for the baby. We switched rooms with the kids so they're now downstairs by the kitchen and Lance and I are upstairs. The baby will go in that other little bedroom upstairs so I think it'll work out perfectly. I do love having the kids on the main floor since that's where we spend the majority of the time and now they actually play in their room which is nice! Since they have an actual closet all the toys can be put away behind closed doors - it's really quite a nice feeling. 

I went through every closet, nook, and cranny and gave about 6 bags of stuff to Goodwill. Lance went through all the office stuff and we got rid of 5 boxes from there. As I brought in boxes of baby stuff I got all the infant boy clothes, blankets, and burp rags washed up and put in the baby's room. Since this is our last baby and we now know that it's a boy I was able to get rid of the girl clothes so there went another 6 boxes from the garage; a friend of a gal in our ward is having her first baby girl and she's a single mother so I gave all of the girl stuff to her, hopefully she can get some good use out of it. Besides having the crib set up I am all ready for the baby, I've even bought a few packages of diapers to start stocking up.

I also made this rag blanket for the baby - monsters with bow ties. It was a quick project and I had it done in two days.
This little man is cooking nicely, we had another ultrasound since the first anatomy scan he didn't want to show his face or stomach. Everything looked good with no soft markers or congenital or genetic abnormalities - such a relief! My doctor discussed the pros and cons of doing another cesarean section verses a VBAC so Lance and I have a big decision to make there. I'm really terrified of labor but on the other hand, Cora's recovery was awful and I don't want to do that again either. I'm not really sure what to do at this point.

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