Monday, August 7, 2017

Ezra's Woes

When Ezra was 6 weeks old he choked on acid reflux and couldn't breathe. I gave him a few minutes for his body to react by either gagging or coughing and he just couldn't get it on his own. I used the bulb syringe to suction his nose and mouth but the mucous stuff was just too thick and stringy, he couldn't clear his airway on his own. Just as I was about to call lance to see what I should do, Ezra started turning colors so I immediately dialed 911. The firemen were able to revive him before the paramedics even got to the house. The paramedics looked him over and heard gunk in his right lung so they suggested we take him to the ER for a chest x-ray. Well, Cora was asleep (it was 9pm) and Lance and Kimball were at the demolition derby all night. I called someone from the ward to stay with Cora while I took Ezra to the hospital and Lance and Kimball met us there as well.

As the nurse was checking him over, Ezra had another choking episode and coughed up some pink/brown stuff. I don't know if that's what was in his lungs or not, the doctor didn't want to do a chest x-ray despite my 3 attempts to just get it done while we were there. The following week we followed up with the pediatrician who prescribed some Zantac and Lansoprazole, neither of which work, and ordered a gastric emptying study and an upper GI fluoroscopy. His anatomy all looked normal but he does have a gastroparesis, just like Cora did. We finally got a GI referral as well who put him on a medicine to help empty his stomach quicker but so far that hasn't helped either.

Right now we have two options left: try Reglan which has irreversible neurological side effects or perform surgery. He wouldn't need a g-tube like Cora, he would have a fundoplication done. Our next visit is this week and I'm anxious to find a solution. This last weekend things have worsened to blood in his spit up and dry diapers. I'm really hoping to get this figured out before he becomes failure to thrive. Hang in there sweet baby!

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