Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cox Reunion

The Cox reunion was Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The adults pretty much hung out while the kids did whatever they wanted together. I must say the best part was Saturday night because Stephanie brought stuff to do Jamberry nails and I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED having girl time! I don't know why but Allison really got me laughing so hard, it was hilarious. And it's my opinion that it we should make girl night a tradition at the reunion.

Kimball playing with Grandma's beach ball and Grandpa's toes

 Sage is quite the avid reader, she hid under the grand piano with Grandma's nook and read for a long time

Saturday night the kids had a water balloon/squirt gun/sprinkler/bowl fight. It was pretty hilarious to watch and I'll never forget Sage being so dramatic. Through tears, "I don't want to get wet! I'm not your enemy! I just want to have fun! Don't get me wet! I just want to play!" It was quite funny. I didn't get a picture of Sydnee but she played like she was a fearless10 year old boy. When it was her turn for the squirt gun she had the best aim and went running for the boys. Way to go Sydnee!

 Kempton worked on puzzles
 And these two near-crawlers decided to get acquainted

 Whenever Kimball would start to talk to Isom, Isom would get his pouty lip out and look so scared.

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Laura said...

It is crazy, most of those grandkids resemble some of the original Cox kids that I know. Genes must be strong. :) Looks like fun!!