Thursday, June 14, 2012

Goings On

  • Baby shower - this week has been CRAZY busy! I've been working like mad to get ready for Jerusha's baby shower on Saturday. This has taken up the majority of the time and it should turn out great, I'm anxious for it to get here.
  • Cox Reunion - this weekend is the Cox reunion and since the week has been super busy for me, I'm actually anxious to just sit around and do simply nothing.
  •  Doctor appointments - Kimball had his final hearing test today. Unfortunately, they didn't test him because they found fluid in the ear. A.k.a. ear infection which I had no idea about. Good thing he went to the doctor otherwise I never would have known. I thought he was just teething again and I still think it's an ear infection plus teething because he drools about a gallon an hour. Poor guy, he just doesn't feel very good.
  • Father's Day preparations - I want Lance to always remember his very first father's day and I couldn't stop at just one gift. The ideas kept coming and I kept making......I can't wait until sunday!
  • House projects - we removed the flower boxes from the front of the house, painted, and worked on the flower beds. It looks so much better! We've got other projects on the to-do list but with everything else going on this week, those will have to wait.
Whew! I'm anxious for the weekend to get here so I can relax. I'll  post pictures of the baby shower, reunion, and father's day when they happen.

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Brice.TawniWilliams said...

WHEW! Busy goings on! Never slows down does it!