Friday, June 8, 2012

Elaine S. Pettingill - Grandma

I feel lucky to have married a funeral director and mortician when family and friends pass away. I get an inside perspective and look into preparations and grieving. I have a man on the inside who helps the mourning and I'm so blessed and lucky he was there for my family this past week. Lance prepared and worked the funeral as well as sang How Great Thou Art, the beloved hymn that goes back generations to the old singing trio. He did a marvelous, beautiful job! Each of the kids spoke and Wade's family sang as well. Her burial was in Franklin and there weren't many people who were able to make that drive. Again, fortunately (we are just SO incredibly blessed!) I have Lance's mom who watched Kimball all day so I could be with my family and Lance without having to take care of Kimball. THANK YOU!! We were the first to arrive at the cemetery (good thing since we were in the hearse) and I had a few minutes to take pictures of the Stockdale graves. Grandma was buried next to Grandpa's plot and above Alene and her parents.

I'll never forget how Grandma looked in the casket. She was absolutely stunningly beautiful!!!

I have so many memories of Grandma. I remember when she'd come pick me up at the farm when I was about 5 years old, finally old enough as the oldest granddaughter to go with her to homemaking. I went home with my arms full of cute stuff! She always treated us to McDonald's, introduced me to porcelain doll making, I even remember going with her to pick out wallpaper when they remodeled the kitchen. We loved Christmas Eve at their house with the white tree and blue lights. The thing I will never forget is her laugh. She has the most infectious laugh/giggle I've ever heard. When Lance and I were first married he even said to me that he liked to tell jokes to her just so he could hear her laugh.

 Christine and I tried to get a good one. She must've ended up with it on her camera since Lance tried to be sneaky but I'm so thankful she's my sister.

 Uncle "Butt" and Gordon. I cannot believe how much they look like Great Grandma and Grandpa Stockdale!

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Laura said...

Hooray for Mama Donna to watch Kimball so you could spend time with your family and Lance...even if he does make goofy faces in pictures with your sister. :)