Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Eight Months - Time Sure Flies!

Kimball is eight months old today. It's so hard for me to picture him being a tiny, preemie baby with iv's and tubes of all sorts throughout his hands, mouth, and nose. His right hand is actually scarred from the IV. I remember the tiny bottles that only held two ounces that the hospital gave us we paid for and his itty, bitty preemie diapers that were too big for his scrawny bum.

I've been loving this stage lately, he's so incredibly playful and fun! He gets up on his knees and has taken a little crawl here and there but he's too content rolling around to get the hang of crawling. He loves to eat solid foods and downs them really fast. I swear he's been teething for the past three months and I can see the teeth through his gums but they haven't cut through yet. He's a social baby, he lights up and gets so thrilled when people talk and play with him he just has to wriggle his whole body. He's the happiest little guy I've ever seen, we just love him to pieces!!

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Koyle Happenings said...

Kimball is so adorable!! I absolutely love his smile. Thanks for letting me play with him at the reunion!!