Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jerusha's Baby Shower

The weekend of the Cox reunion the girls decided we'd better throw a baby shower for Jerusha, being that she's now in her third trimester. We had it at my house and Bonnie and I hosted it for her although everybody helped with the food. I dug out some oldies for decorations that have been in storage.

My cabbage patch doll Mindy, blessing dress and booties, Dr. Seuss books, and my very first doll. The bunny Lance gave to me when we were dating.

 The fantastically yummy spread!
 Bonnie made this uber cute diaper cake and stroller out of a watermelon! Isn't she so creative?!

 My favorites just because I have a sweet tooth; oreo truffles and Israeli cheesecake.
 Bonnie again, with these darling cupcakes!
 And yet again Bonnie, with these drowning floating ducks. (Lance said they were drowning, not me)!

 This area were for guests to write their best mothering advice or well wishes for the mother to be.

  Bonnie made these super cute letters for baby Jayna's room.

I made these blankets for the baby. The fabric was on sale and I had a fun time with my mom making them!

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Laura said...

I was so sorry to have to miss that shower, but I was out of town. You guys did such a great wonder you need a break!! :)