Sunday, March 23, 2014

Still Waiting

We finally got a letter from the neurology department saying that Cora's MRI showed further abnormalities of her brain. That's about all we know. We'll meet with the neurologist next week to figure out what it means for Cora. That's a really long time to wait!

Cora also had an evaluation at the Guild School, she met with speech and physical therapists for about two hours and then asked me a ton of questions. They concluded that at her age (4 months) she is developmentally at 1 month of age. She will begin seeing occupational, speech, and physical therapists next week. She is starting to do some things that she wasn't before like smiling and focusing her eyes better. But she's still pretty behind on the majority of things.

I have some other personal thoughts about it which I will expound on later but for now, she's crying and wants to eat. Oh! Speaking of eating, she has made a little bit of progress, yay! I think changing the bottle has made the biggest difference but any improvement is improvement so I'm beyond excited about that!!!

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Elaina said...

That is a long wait for a mother to find out the results of the abnormalities in your babies brain. I'm glad she's feeding better from the bottle!