Saturday, August 20, 2016


Both of the kids have made HUGE strides in their bravery and technique with swimming, all thanks to Cora's hydrotherapy. 

The first week Cora wouldn't even take her shoes off to get in the water. Now she'll put both ears in, her mouth, lay all the way on her back to get her hair wet, and go on her tummy. She'll let Alicia take her into the deep end and she's even learned the blow bubbles through her nose and pinch her nose to keep water out.

Because I'm cheap and won't pay the $8 for myself to swim for 30 minutes, Kimball has to be in the pool on his own. He's also learned to pinch his nose to keep water out, will jump in, put his head under water and float on his tummy, and loves his goggles. It's all self taught but I'm impressed at his progress as well, given that he's had to teach himself.

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