Thursday, March 8, 2012


  • Kimball and I went to Boise last weekend with mom, Christine, Heather, and baby Britney. We shopped and ate and experienced Sub Zero Ice Cream for the first time. It was also craft day weekend and we sewed table runners and celebrated Grandma Watson's 82nd birthday. I'd post a picture of my table runner but I didn't get it done. However, Christine's turned out uber cute!
  • Kimball caught Britney's cold over the weekend and its the first time he's been sick. I know he feels awful and despite that he's still a happy little guy, always smiling. He only eats about 2 oz lately and mornings are the worst. His cough sounds so terrible, that deep burning in his chest kind of terrible. His sinuses are congested but he doesn't have a runny nose. It's gotten into his eyes, they're always red and watery. Poor little baby!
  • I took on the adventure of painting the downstairs bathroom. I've got the ceiling painted. That's it so far. I've put it on hold so I could devote all my time to helping Kimball feel better during his bout of flu. Next week I'll start up again.
  • Spring fever is in full swing! I can't wait for outdoor adventures with Kimball! Take walks to Grandma Cox's house, take walks to visit Daddy at work, walk to the park and have a picnic, walk to the library.....its nice to live in such proximity to important places. I can't wait to work outside in the flower beds and have dessert and evening talks with Lance on the porch. I can't wait to open the doors and windows to hear the birds chirping and feel the crisp spring air!

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Laura said...

I am so excited for Spring too! How cool that you live within walking distance of so many great places. Yahoo!!