Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Just Between Friends Sale

My good friend, Liz, told me a few months ago about a consignment sale called Just Between Friends. It's basically a mega garage sale in a ginormous warehouse full of baby/children items. Liz had to back out last minute but Chris and I went together. We made a night of it and got there in time to stand in line for 15 minutes in the cool March air before they opened the doors. Once the doors were opened it was like Target on Black Friday, pretty crazy with women running everywhere and arms full of goods. Chris and I both had a list of things we wanted, mine included: table/chairs, backpack, stroller, books, 4T clothes, bike, and legos. 

Chris and I split up and quickly found all of our stuff, then waited in the checkout line for about 45 minutes and we were toward the front of the line. It was crazy busy. I scored all the items on my list minus the clothes and books that I didn't want to sift through, and the bikes were way overpriced.

I love the table and chair set because it's identical to the one I grew up with.
Again, once I got out the phone for a picture Kimball wouldn't smile and was mad I wanted a picture but this is his backpack, never been used.
This is my awesome Sit N Stand stroller! I got it for $60, cheaper than I could find on craigslist and it was very clean and like new condition. I love that it has the car seat bar that's also removable for when Cora gets strong enough to sit in the front. Kimball can stand or sit on his little seat and still be strapped in. Without the car seat bar it's the same weight and length as a single stroller. Win, win! It's awesome!!!

This was taken yesterday at my playgroup at the mall, Kimball wasn't looking because he was watching the train that taunts little kids as it goes through the mall (upsetting parents who refuse to pay $3.50 for a short train ride). AND I actually WALKED to the mall! Yep, that's right, this mama hasn't exercised in two years but I didn't have a car so I used my new stroller and walked the 1.5 miles to the mall. It was a beautiful morning and a great little stroll even if I did end up sweaty, stinky, and out of breath.

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