Monday, April 14, 2014

Little Everday MOMents

A few things I wanted to capture from the week that were sweet and also not so sweet.

Kimball and I made a birthday card for Grammy Cox. He's really been into coloring lately.
Yep. See this? I went to get Kimball from his nap and found him buck naked with poo smeared all over himself and the carpet. I really didn't want to spend the evening doing laundry and shampooing carpets but I didn't have much of a choice. Sigh. The picture of him in the bath - he usually loves baths but he knew he was in trouble for taking his diaper off so he pouted while he was in the tub. And in case you were going to ask, he has zero interest in potty training. In fact after he did this I put him on the toilet to teach him where he goes potty and he screamed bloody murder. This is one of those instances that I have to laugh because otherwise I'd just cry.

 Oh. Another mess. I've learned that having a two year old just means that you clean up messes all. day. long. I was not happy about the yogurt facial either.
 A few days ago I went to the store and found this toy on a great sale. It has cargo boats, speed boats, and a truck with a moving crane and all sorts of moving parts. You put a little water around the outside and various other pits are for sand or dirt. I thought Kimball would love it. Which he did but this is how he used it. Not at all like it showed on the box.


Christine said...

Haha, Becky, I'm glad you decided to laugh about it because sometimes you just have to. I find that I have to do that with Zander too. I love his yogurt face. Makes me smile.

Matt and Debbie said...

Two year old boys are hard, very hard. You're right, it's one mess after another They are precious, but they are two year old boys! So thankful mine is asleep right now, he is everywhere all day long.