Sunday, September 7, 2014

Abnormal Lungs

On Friday I called the pediatrician's office to reschedule Cora's 9 month check up because we'll be in Boise at the Cox reunion. I happened to mention her breathing and the nurse told me to take Cora in right away. Luckily, we were eating lunch at the park with friends so it was great timing. They did a chest x-ray on Cora and can't find her lungs it's really weird, they are transparent on the film. The doctor is not sure what would cause this or if/what is wrong. He put her on an antibiotic to be on the safe side and referred me to a couple specialists so they can help pinpoint what's going on. Our next visit is with ENT this week.

I feel a little guilty because I've always known and been concerned with her chronic congestion and cough since birth. She's always had it. It hasn't always been this bad but I just assumed it was aspiration again. It very well could be. Any appointment we go to I always mention and question her breathing but nobody seemed too concerned about it. The past few months I kept feeling that I need to get her in to see a pulmonologist just to be on the safe side. I guess I kept putting off that feeling because nobody else thought it was a big deal. I'm really glad I took her in on Friday, he said I should notice a difference by the end of the week to see if the antibiotics are helping/curing what's wrong. So far Cora's only getting worse. I'm also crossing my fingers that she doesn't become allergic to the antibiotic, any drugs they put her on she's super sensitive to and is allergic. This one is not erythromyocin based because I know for sure she's allergic to that one.

I'm crossing my fingers that ENT and pulmonology can help us figure this out. I don't know if there are other specialists that will be involved or not. I just worry that she's going to stop breathing during one of her coughing fits and it's getting more difficult for her to eat by mouth. I do not want to her develop oral aversion, she's made such good progress with her digestion that this would be absolutely devastating if she did. I don't want to put her back on the pump during the day so if things continue to get considerably worse then I'll bump up these appointments to asap otherwise I'll take her in to the hospital.

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