Friday, September 12, 2014


We visited the ENT yesterday which went very well. Cora has an upper respiratory infection in her nose. Because of the infection he did not do a scope or anything so he'll do a full exam on her next visit. The infection is from her chronic pharyngonasal regurgitation (aspiration back splashed from the throat and up the nose) which means she's had this infection for quite some time and I had no idea. I feel horrible! But, I'm glad she's been seen and it's getting taken care of. He's hoping the antibiotic that the pediatrician put her on will work and also prescribed some mucinex for her to take for the next 30 days. I'm crossing my fingers this will take care of the upper respiratory problems.

Her appointment with the pulmonologist isn't for another month but she's on the high priority wait list if there are any cancellations. I'm a little too anxious to see this doctor and really hope we get ALL of the answers we're looking for. She also has another appointment with her allergist just in case this is an environmental problem as well.

Until then, we'll pray and cross our fingers.

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