Thursday, August 6, 2015

July Festivities

July marked our summer vacation! Lance drove down with us and stayed for 4-5 days before he flew back home to work, it was nice that he could be with us and it had been two years since he'd been to Twin Falls.
  • Boating with Mays - this was by far our favorite part of the Cox reunion, I wish more of them came with us because it was a blast! We ate lots of yummy food, celebrated the fourth of July and watched the parade, swam, played games, slept outside, enjoyed Grandma's games for the kids, etc.
  • Kimball and Lance took their own four wheeling trip with dad and Grandpa. After the Cox reunion Christine came up to visit for about 10 days. Did I mention her newborn, Lucas??? Sweet little guy who won't let his poor mama sleep! I tried to help Christine out with Zander as much as I could so the adjustment to two kids would be easier. We had our own four wheeling trip with Dad and Grandpa and saw the gorgeous scenery. We also visited some parks, fed the ducks and fish at the cemetery, saw the sturgeon in Buhl and enjoyed ice cream at the Clover Leaf Creamery, etc. It was so fun to see her!
  • Family festivities - we celebrated Dad's birthday, took Charity and Devin and Savannah school clothes shopping, had dinner with Christine and Adam, had an adult only dinner out at Tomatoe's, visited with each of the sisters, played in the mud, mowed the lawn etc.
  • Cox festivities - lots of dinners together, ate out at Burnt Lemon Grill (my favorite) and Cora loved their lemonade even though I'm not supposed to give it to her, ate ice cream, played with lots of balloons and toys, shopping with Sage, etc.
  • Cora got her first haircut! I was too chicken to do it so mom did it for me. It looks so much better without the little rat tail and I've since noticed how blond she's become.
  • Had dessert with Stephanie Cook and met her new fiance, they're getting married in three weeks. I haven't seen her this happy in years!




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