Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I don't know where the time has gone, especially since it is almost NOVEMBER!! I have been frantically finishing up the majority of our Christmas shopping as I'd like to send the gifts with Donna when they come next week to visit. Oh yeah, Grandma and Grandpa Cox are coming to visit next week! Wahoo!! Anyway I figured Donna would save me at least $75+ (and hassle) in shipping by taking advantage of her drive to/from home. I have every body's gifts bought and wrapped except Lance and Cora so I think I'll make the deadline, cross that off my list.

Cora and Lance have been sick with a cold, I've been making regular appointments to the dentist which are never fun, and Kimball celebrated a birthday. Also out of the blue and very spontaneous, we bought a brand new couch today. As in a couch from a furniture store.....I didn't think that would happen for at least another 10 years but our purchase qualified us as winners of a Hawaii trip. We'll see if we ever actually make it across the ocean.

General conference was enlightening and I was able to listen to all five sessions, I'm always amazed at the size of our church and the spiritual capacity of these apostles.

I taught a jewelry class for part of our ward's Super Saturday event. That was fun and stressful at the same time but I'm also glad it's over. I've got two sewing projects to start and finish as part of Kimball and Cora's Christmas presents....also hoping Donna will help me with that because I don't think I'll get it done otherwise.

Oh! And I redeemed my birthday gift from Lance! I stayed at the Oxford Suites with my own view of the Spokane River downtown, had 24 hours to myself with no kids or husband, and had spending money. I bought a sweater. And the rest of my time was spent running errands-gathering supplies for Super Saturday, getting the oil changed in the car, got a hair cut, etc. I'm still amazed at how a simple 24 hours to myself can really refresh, reset, and refocus myself to our family! I'm hoping this will become an annual tradition. HINT, LANCE! And thank you, Pookie Smoooo for knowing exactly what I needed and giving it to me. I love you!!

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