Saturday, October 3, 2015

Speech & Mommy School

Kimball has just started speech therapy this past week and he loves it! Mainly because he gets to build train tracks and play with the trains but his therapist, Shelby, has been great to work with. I do wish it was more than once a week or at least longer than 30 minutes but I'll take what I can get. So on Monday mornings when Cora has therapy, Kimball goes to Speech (at a different company) and then we go on a date together before heading back to pick up Cora. I wish I knew how to better help his stuttering but he participates really well with Shelby which I'm thankful for.

Thursday during Cora's therapy, Kimball and I come home and do Mommy School together. (Because I didn't know what else to call it that name just stuck). I got some workbooks from the dollar store and we work on numbers, letters, a craft that has to do with that particular letter of the day, and lots of reading. I absolutely love having this one on one time with him!!!!! This was our first day of Mommy School and we painted with apples.

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