Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Preschool Graduation

The preschool Kimball did this year was at the high school just a block away from our house. It's part of the early childhood development classes given there so there's an actual teacher and then the high school students are "buddies" to each child and are hands on in teaching them various kindergarten skills. Kimball has loved it and so have I although I'm glad it's over for a more relaxed summer! Here he is at the little graduation that was put on. The students introduced each child, they all sang Slippery Fish, and we had cookies and juice for a snack.
This was one of Kimball's buddies, Tammy, and Kimball LOVED her! She even gave him a gift at the end of the graduation program and gave us her phone number in case we ever needed a babysitter.
 First and last days of preschool!

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