Thursday, June 15, 2017


Donna and John stayed with us for five nights and took care of the kids while Lance and I were at the hospital. They took the kids to preschool and therapy and made sure all their needs were met. Grandpa Cox did Five Monkeys Jumping on the Bed every single night and they still ask for it because they loved it so much!

Kimball is such a GREAT big brother! He's absolutely obsessed with Ezra and always asks to hold him or feed him or change his diaper. Yep, he wanted to learn to change his diaper so Grandma Julie showed him how to do it. He can't wait for us to go to church as a family so everybody can see Ezra and wanted to show him off at preschool.

 Everybody is smitten by this beautiful baby boy!

 The kids helping me give Ezra a spit bath since we're still waiting for his umbilical cord to fall off.
Cora and Grandma really hit it off and Grandma became her best friend. They were inseparable! Mom stayed with us for 10 days and although it was hard for me to just sit and watch her do all the work, I'm so grateful! I needed those extra days of rest and healing. She got up with Ezra every other night so I could sleep, Cora got her sick but she didn't skip a beat she kept right on working, she deep cleaned my house, and made yummy treats. She played and played with the kids!

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