Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Three Year Old's Isms

This boy is definitely a three year old. Oh my, fits and whining and lots of it. He's developed a mean streak toward Cora lately, probably because she's more mobile and has learned not to let him take her toys. He's quit taking naps (my life as I know it is over!), he doesn't listen very well, and likes to drive me crazy. BUT, he's the funniest, spunkiest, little entertainer. He loves the ABC's, singing the Wise Man, coloring and painting, putting together puzzles, and treats.

This particular day he wanted to put his underwear on by himself, how do I not get a picture of those little cheekers?!
 This is our paper plate snowman we made together during Cora's nap, he's hung on the wall now.

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