Friday, December 19, 2014


Lance came home from work one day with these flowers for me. Just because. I'm hoping it won't be the only time, but they were sure beautiful and smelled wonderful. I felt so loved.

The Pages of Harmony had their Christmas show a few weeks ago and it also included dinner, a few raffles, and a silent auction. They didn't expect so many people to show up so they were four tables that didn't get any spaghetti. I guess that's a good problem to have in some ways. The best part was Kathleen, she's Lance's office administrator at work and boy was she very happy to be there. She whooped and hollered quite loudly after every song, she gave standing ovations on almost every number, she praised God after every song, and yes she drank a little too much wine. At the very end she actually interrupted the program and went to the front stealing the microphone from the director. She talked about how wonderful the guys sounded and how warm her heart was and she just had so much love in that room. Then she mentioned Lance, "my amazing boss, Lance Cox, sings with you guys and isn't he just great?" I think Lance wanted to die at that moment. In all, it was a great show, including Kathleen whom I gave a standing ovation to.

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