Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Dream Team

Cora has got THE BEST therapists, teachers, nutritionist, and doctors on her side. The ones that work with her weekly are these four awesome ladies who have seen Cora since she started at the Guild School at four months old.

Introducing: Ginette, physical therapist and encourager extraordinaire. Because Cora has made so much gross motor progress so quickly, the sessions with Ginette are my favorite because I love to see the new things Cora does that I usually don't notice. And Ginette is the Queen of Encouragement, she is always so positive and happy and has nothing but optimistic things to say. She always gets the biggest kick out of Cora's very happy-go-lucky nature and huge grins. When Ginette laughs, everybody laughs. She's got a contagious personality.


Meet Jan, speech pathologist and aspiration/feeding expert. Jan has been my go to gal for all my aspiration questions and concerns.  A lot of people ask me why Cora has speech therapy when she can't even talk, what does Jan do the whole hour? Initially she really helped me with all the feeding issues Cora had, which were no small issues. I've had to call her a few times after hours or on the weekends in desperation of help, pre surgery. One time I was about ready to take Cora to the ER because of her breathing but I called Jan before I went and she talked me through everything and saved me a trip. She's also the one I tearfully called and begged for some kind of GI help and specialist referral, I knew what was wrong with Cora's digestion was major and I didn't know how to help her. Jan promptly gave me the referral. She's been so wonderful and also a pro with encouragement. She's been very complimentary of my motherly instincts but I attribute that more to Heavenly Father helping me with this complex baby. Either way, Jan has been a God send!
Our latest addition is Virginia, occupational therapist. She started therapy with Cora at the beginning of November (ish) and although I'm still getting to know her, she's also awesome!
This session I had to get a few more pictures because Kimball was just so cute. Virginia brought a smaller stool for Cora to sit on so Kimball quickly ran to his room to get his big stool to sit on, perched right next to Cora, and joined in all the fun.

 Meet Jordan, nutritionist/dietitian and nerdy math expert. Initially she was treating Cora once a week and since August has only been coming once a month. It's sad that we don't see her as often anymore, but a good thing, that means Cora is doing well! She helped me out a lot before Cora had her surgery and tried to figure out why Cora was almost at FTT (failure to thrive). She's been wonderful to pick her brain about the G tube questions and all the initial set up with first the NJ tube and then post surgery with the G tube. She takes height and weight measurements at every appointment and continues to tweak Cora's diet at every appointment. She's so smart and nerdy and an absolute delight!

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