Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cora's First Day of College

If I had one word to sum up this experience, it would be AWESOME!!! Cora’s PT, Ginette, asked if we’d like to participate in a class she was teaching at EWU and of course I said yes. Before we got into the class she had already briefed the students about Cora’s history – the heart defects, brain abnormalities, stomach surgery, her specific delays, etc. etc. so when we walked in there they had a really good idea of what she was and was not capable of.

The class had about 40 students, plus Ginette, plus the PT professor. About 5-6 students were actually on the floor working with Cora and Ginette for hands-on experience. It was like a mini PT session and CORA WAS ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE!!! She wasn’t shy and didn’t hold back, it was amazing (especially given the pain/discomforts/sickness she’s been in lately). It was even awesome to see Cora playing with each student individually and then out of nowhere she took this one girl’s hand, she was the only one who hadn’t played with Cora. It was cool to see Cora pick up on that. With each activity and movement the professor would point out different bones and muscles that the students needed to be watching and explained why she did something a certain way or how she was able to do something.

They did a 45 minute session and when they were done it was opened up for questions for me as the mother. I was surprised at how few questions there were but I think it’s because they didn’t want to offend me and were extra cautious about that, even though I’m a total open book.

I was so disappointed when it was over! I had the best time and just laughed and smiled the whole time, I really wish Lance could have been there to see it. And I’ll admit, I had a bit of a proud mommy moment. It was awesome to see the students so engaged and smile and laugh with her and for others to witness what a miracle she really is!

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