Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lance, The Boss

The word is finally out, Lance quit his job as manager of Ball & Dodd Funeral Home and is starting his own removal company! We have prayed about and discussed this together for several months and decided to do it. You only live once and if you never try, you’ll never know. It’s also a big factor into us buying this new house, it has a three car garage and no alley. Everything has fallen into place as it should and we are so excited! Lance’s last day was Friday and I think he was a bit emotional about it, it is a big risk to take especially with a young family and just signing our life away on a mortgage. 

I’m absolutely confident in him and his abilities to run this company successfully (and if something goes awry then Caryn would hire him back, she loves him) and I’ve never met someone more passionate about their work than Lance. He genuinely cares for the families he works with and has never been concerned about the money aspect, all he wants is to help families in their grief. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about the funeral industry and has had really great experience in all fields of it. 

Lance has already contracted with Caryn to do their removals (four funeral homes plus a cremation society) and just yesterday landed another funeral home with two locations. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good luck but I know Lance will be great and I fully support him in this. Here’s to entrepreneurship, fulfilling dreams, and never seeing my husband again!  

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Laura said...

Go Lance!! It is definitely a difficult thing to take on being your own boss, but it is really rewarding too. Lance is incredible and will be great at this!