Thursday, November 26, 2015

Cora Turns 2!!!

This darling girl turned two years old! I am so incredibly grateful that we got her for another year, and I will continue to feel that way year after year. Time with her truly is a gift and unique in it's own way. This was actually the first real dessert she's ever had. I made a gluten free, egg free, and dairy free cake with a powdered sugar icing. And you know what, it was actually so moist and dense and delicious, it tasted just like a chocolate donut. It was really nice to be able to give her a piece of dessert without thinking of tummy troubles she'll eventually have with being allergic.

Her gifts were play food and play utensils/dishes from us, a play mop set from Grandma Cox, and a baby doll from Grandma Julie. Both of the kids have just loved playing pretend lately and they can't get enough of these new toys!

Dearest Cora,

We are so blessed to be your parents! At two years old you are walking despite doctors saying you'd never do such a thing. You don't talk yet but you speak very well with gestures, sign language, and with your eyes. You do everything your big brother does and he's taught you how to make some funny faces. You are still cuddly and give any stranger a hug. You're solid at 30 pounds and tall for your age which makes me giddy on the inside knowing what severe stomach troubles we had your first 18 months of life. You love dairy free cheese and marshmallows, reading books, and your new baby doll. You're so sweet and loving. Your eyes tell me everything, I know everything you're trying to say or want just by looking at your pretty blue eyes. You're such a joy and the immense love we have for you is overwhelming. Happy birthday, baby girl!

All our love, Mom & Dad

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