Sunday, November 1, 2015

Kimball's 4th Birthday!!

Here he is in his birthday suit, haha. In the morning I let him drive his cars in the bath tub through the car wash (shaving cream).
 We played with lots of balloons all day long and I forget how much kids love balloons until a birthday rolls around.
Here's the birthday boy in front of the finished cake! Of course as soon as I took the picture the back of the engine fell off and it was beyond repair at that point. The engine didn't look very good to begin with but Kimball didn't care and it was delicious! I did a train cake because his present from us was a set of train tracks.

 Thanks Grandma Julie!

 The trains and tracks which he loves!

 And Daddy took him on a special Man Trip for his birthday. The two of them went to Wonderland, a game/arcade type of place.

Happy birthday, Buddy! You are an excellent big brother to Cora and absolutely adore her. Your favorite food is meatloaf which you constantly request and love playing with your cars and trains. You like to build and create stuff, even in the middle of the kitchen with all of the canned food and it sometimes drives me crazy although I've never seen a better castle made of evaporated milk. You like music and singing and making any kind of silly sounds with your mouth. Burping and tooting instantly gives you the giggles. Daddy is your best friend and you're just like him in that you love to make people laugh. We love you, Kimball!!!

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