Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ruts and Surgeries

I've been stuck in a rut lately. All of the kid's therapies are driving me crazy, it's an endless task it seems and it's draining. Kimball's speech recently changed to two times a week now which I think will be good for him. I blame the rut on winter. I don't like winter; it's too cold, too wet, too gray, and too dreary! Bah humbug!!!

Ginette spoke with me after Cora's therapy on Monday and explained what they were working on for PT. She mentioned maybe getting her eyes checked for any suspicions about depth perception. I just said ok. Later that night I was trying to fall asleep and replayed Ginette's conversation in my mind. Then it was like a light bulb went off and I started realizing a lot of subtle changes with Cora's movement. She doesn't come down the stairs on her own anymore,  she doesn't get up and down from her chair in the dining room any more, she doesn't get off the bed on her own anymore, she doesn't walk to and from the garage like she used to, any variation in flooring (like a threshold) is just stepping off a cliff for her, etc. I didn't make anything of these findings until Ginette mentioned it so now I'm anxious to hear what the ophthalmologist has to say about it in a few weeks. Cora gets her eye tubes out on the 18th so I'll be ready with my list of questions. The only thing I know is of concern about her vision that hasn't already been corrected is that when she looks into the distance she has one eye that wanders. Only surgery can fix that but hers isn't even noticeable or affecting her. I wonder if that has something to do with her depth perception or not. Hmmm, either way I'm anxious to hear what the ophthalmologist has to say.

Kimball has been like a roller coaster all month long. On the days when it's just him and I while Cora's at therapy he can be the best little pal and we have such a great time together. Other times he's a little whining thing with a big attitude and so ornery. It drives me crazy. I also blame that on winter and being cooped up.

Lance had a great January, his biggest call volume so far of 188. It's so nice to see him happy with work and really enjoying himself!

Our awesome realtor texted me the other day and reminded me of her offer: that she'd come do a tile back splash in our kitchen for free. Initially we waited so that the business could get going but I figured now is a good time to do it. So in the next week or so I'll be shopping for tile! I'm quite excited!

I've also decided to quit answering the phone whenever someone from home calls. It's always bad news. I keep forgetting to journal this so here's the latest on the guys:
  • Dad has been diagnosed with a form of muscular dystrophy. It's genetic it, the same kind that Uncle Gordon and Great Grandpa Stockdale has/had.
  • Dad had a trip to the ER in Arizona during Casey's wedding to have his gall bladder removed in December
  • Grandpa Pettingill had surgery on his foot and has been at a care facility in Burley until the doctor releases him to go back home. It's been over a month now, his foot isn't healing like it should be. According to him he plays cards, bingo, and Wii, "I'm really having quite a blast!" I think he's really missed the social atmosphere being so far away at the cabin and has really enjoyed the care facility.
  • Grandpa Pettingill also needs a hip replacement which will not be done until his foot is healed and some other surgery done but I can't remember what it is.
  • Grandpa Watson now has prostate cancer. He also had some kind of operation on his heart this past week - not a stent but something about going in a neck vein and doing something with the aortic arch. If the procedure isn't successful he'll need a pacemaker. That happened last week and I haven't heard if it was successful or not.
  • Joseph broke his neck! He was playing basketball and some guy rammed into him knocking him to the floor. However, his neck broke before he even hit the floor so it was quite a blow. They took him by ambulance to the ER at which time he was paralyzed. He quickly regained feeling in most of his body although he still has a hand that has no feeling. Two of three doctors suggested that he have surgery on his neck, I haven't heard if he decided to go ahead with that surgery or not.

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